Disney Store Sale - up to 90% off. Items from 99p + £4.95 postage
Disney Store Sale - up to 90% off. Items from 99p + £4.95 postage

Disney Store Sale - up to 90% off. Items from 99p + £4.95 postage

Disney store has a sale of up to 90% off. Be quick because items are selling quickly!

Some of the best bargains -

Lion King Souvenir Brochure - £10 reduced to 99p
Nightmare Before Christmas Set of 4 Plates - £22 reduced to £5
Lion King Towel - £15 reduced to £1
Princess Castle Cookie Jar - £25 reduced to £5
Nightmare Before Christmas Glow in the Dark Pyjamas - £15.00 reduced to £4.49
Disney Cars Toons Gadget Pencil Case - £2.69
Tron Die Cast Clu's Command Ship - £4 reduced to 99p


mouse and pad was £18 now £1..

There are some fantastic reductions here. Beats me why it has gone cold.

i don't know.
none of the stuff i wanted was in stock, so i've not voted either way.
there were a bunch of cool things that looked to be in stock, but then i got to the item page and it said it wasn't available, or it wouldn't let me add the thing to my basket even if it said it was available.
maybe some other people've had the same problem?

its also £4.95 delivery

Definitely think it's the £4.95 postage! I seriously begrudge paying for delivery and only will if it's something that I really need. I always see things on the Disney site that I'd like to buy but can never bring myself to pay £4.95 extra!

Everything seems to be either out of stock, very limited or wont let you add to basket hence the cold votes.

It's instore too. I picked up a few things this morning, the gadget pencil case mentioned, toy story mug £1, gorgeous minnie mouse rain mac £3, handy manny slippers £2 and a few other bits n bobs too. Worth popping in but agree wouldn't pay the £5 postage. Guess we're lucky there's a store handy.

I think it's cold cause almost everything is not available!

Definatley, I saw about 20 things I thought lloked great and none of them were available - cold.

Only thing from the Nightmare Before Christmas things that I wanted that were in stock were the plates. I want the desk set!

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shame. when i ordered everything was in stock. suddenly everything went out of stock. hope a few of you guys got some bargains
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