Disney Winnie the Pooh Hot Water Bottle Cover and Pyjama Case £4.50 @ Amazon

Disney Winnie the Pooh Hot Water Bottle Cover and Pyjama Case £4.50 @ Amazon

Found 30th Dec 2010
Product Description
Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh; A chubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff (and with a lovely soft plush finish). This Winnie the Pooh hot water bottle cover and pyjama case is like three presents in one. Not only is he a super soft cuddly toy, but open the Velcro pouch in his back and he‘ll hold a hot water bottle or store pyjamas. Give your children (or yourself) something to cuddle up to during the cold winter nights--just insert a standard hot water bottle for a wonderfully warm night’s sleep. Once the winter is done he can also be used as a pyjama case; so your children can have fun tidying their pyjamas away in the morning. The handy cord means that it can be hung up just about anywhere, so nobody trips over his tummy. Soft and cuddly with a plush finish, this is the perfect hot water bottle cover to snuggle up to.
When using this product as a hot water bottle cover, carefully insert the bottle into the cover and seal the opening flap using the fastener provided. Ensure the flap is fully sealed before use. Refer to the safety instructions supplied with your hot water bottle.
For additional safety, check the cover regularly for signs of damage during use. If cover becomes damaged, do not use.
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Hot deal, I ordered this on 22nd Dec & it arrived on Christmas eve for £4 from amazon. It is extremly soft.
Bought the Tigger one just before xmas and I can confirm lovely and soft - great buy
Who ate all the honey, you fat bear.
amazon.co.uk/Dis…e_1 Tigger is only £4, 50p cheaper? But then that fat bear always hogs the endorsement deals, doesn't remember where he came from.

And as for Eeyore...
I bought the Tigger one for £4 and it's lovely, think that I'll get this one aswell.
Thanks ordered as a Xmas present for someone for next year haha. Hope u, ur wife and the LO had an awesome Xmas
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