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Disneyland Passport (Annual Pass) - €119 (£97.75) - €199 (£163.48) @ Disneyland Paris
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Disneyland Passport (Annual Pass) - €119 (£97.75) - €199 (£163.48) @ Disneyland Paris

Posted 13th Feb 2014Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The annual passports are amazing value if you plan on going to Disneyland more than once a year. For example a 4 day park ticket is currently £137 on the Disneyland website and so two of the three passports are cheaper than a 4 day ticket!
There are three types of passports:
Francilien €119 (£97.75)
Fantasy €159 (£130.61)
Dream €199 (£163.48 )
The discounts vary for each and the main difference is that the first two (Francilien and Fantasy) have “blockout dates” (certain dates of the year you are not allowed in) The best one (Dream) has year round access as well as the following discounts and benefits:
After-Hours Parties -30%
Restaurants -10%
Boutiques -20%
Disney Hotels -35%
Family discount -20%
Parking Included
1 Day Park Tickets -20%
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show -20%
Extra Magic Hours - Included
Golf Disneyland Paris on green fees, restaurant and boutique-10%
all Disney Stores in France-10%
Rainforest Cafe, King Ludwig's Castle, Starbucks Coffee and McDonald's in Disney Village-10%

Free apéritif at Table Service restaurants
Free use once each day of Stroller & Wheelchair Rental, Pet Care Kennels and park Luggage Storage

If you plan on staying in an actual Disney hotel you will almost certainly get tickets with your hotel and so a passport is not needed. It is also worth keeping in mind that the cheapest passport (Francilien) does not allow entry for the two days after you have bought it.

If you want the info on the discounts for the other two parks then check this website:


Buying these passports is easy but can take some time. Firstly you must buy them at the Disneyland park entrance where you will receive a temporary access to the park, and then sometime during your day you must go to the “Bureau Passeport Annuel” and have your photo taken and card made for you. (Expect this to take up to an hour at busy times!)
If you have any questions I will do my best to answer.
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We bought annual passes about 10 years ago because as you say it was cheaper than a 4 day pass. We ended up going back 3 times within the 12 months so you could argue that it ended up costing us a fortune :p.

We had to go back several days in a row to get a temporary pass until the permanent one was ready but maybe things have speeded up a bit since then.
Yeah they print out your pass in about 5 minutes Your right it does make you go more but we usually go to a campsite and use clubcard points for the channel tunnel so it makes for a very cheap holiday
I bought my annual pass in sept last year. we got the fantasy one, we bought it from a french site and only cost €129 for a adult and because we bought a adult one we got our child's annual pass for €35 for the year. they are still doing to offer now. had no problems buyjng from a french site. works out even cheaper.
I will say this is a great value, there is an awful lot to do there for this sort of money, however they love money when you get there as well so they will make any savings back, they could give these things away!
Although the annual passes are great this is cold from me.

Like leese10 says, if you buy them from French sites they are much cheaper. For example, at paris-billets.com you can the Fantasy Pass for E129 and the Dream for E159 and with each adult you get a kid for E39

Much better value.
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i did this and it was fine - i think i paid for the annual pass at the gate. you get a temporary pass which you then take to an office inside and within a few minutes u have the annual pass with the benefits of free parking, discounts off food etc
leese 10 - which website did you use please? And did you get the tickets delivered to a UK address?

this website has lots of useful info and tips

leese 10 - which website did you use please? And did you get the tickets … leese 10 - which website did you use please? And did you get the tickets delivered to a UK address?

I used ce-multiavantages.com/404…tml had no problem with them being delivered here. think it cost about 6 euros as it was recorded which they suggest. only took about 4 days
They just issue you with real park tickets which state annual pass on the back, you then go to the turnstiles as normal and just exchange it for the pass at the pass office. the tickets are vaild for 6 months from when you get them so you have to exchange them before then.
I have also used cemultiavantages, fantastic value. They posted us temporary tickets to exchange for our annual passes on our first day. We are going back in May to get more use from them before they run out in July :-D
More than once! I haven't even been! :-(
Thank you leese 10 x :-)
we went for halloween in Oct, then back in Nov for 4 night for Christmas. going back in sept for 5 days at Disney. stay off site and works out a cheap hol. We've more than had our money worth.
where do you stay Leese10?
We were looking at going in September. Does anyone know if I buy this now can I exchange the ticket then or is there a time limit?
I know with the Merlin pass we bought the new ones while they were on offer but we just keep our voucher until our pass runs out.
Is it the same for this?
Absolute bargain!!

where do you stay Leese10?

were staying here lechenegris.co.uk/ in sept it about 20 min drive away, but when we went in nov we rented a 2 bed app less than 1km from disney worked out about £65 a night.
Hi, we are going to dlp in December so these passes would be ideal. Am just struggling a little with the sites above, how did you translate them? But nervous at handing over £700 or so (6 of us) to a website I don't understand! Many thanks
I have just paid £615 for 2 adults, 3 children for just 4 days pass.

You can tell we are newbies to the Disney game lol.

I am also looking at going again in Nov, so will end up paying again for more tickets!!

Oh well, 15 more sleeps to use our OTT priced 4 day tickets
Beth, am sure I read you can upgrade and they deduct the cost of your tickets might be worth an ask if you have the funds. It will cost us £700 on the dlp French website, can't find anything about annual passes on the English dlp site not sure I trust handing all that money over to a foreign website tbh, am not trusting enough!
I paid a third party company for mine. Fantastic service, and for the 1 off trip would of been great value really, but with me wanting to already book again i wished i could upgrade them. Maybe its worth me asking in guest relations before we use them for the 1st time while we are out there

I know a few who have used the french websites with no issues, but like you, its really hard to spend that much on a site which is also not the best to understand either
beth3735: I think you will be able to use your tickets and upgrade them to Annual passes when you get there (it's like upgrading your Alton Towers day ticket to a yearly pass). Haven't actually seen more than the cost of one day ticket deducted, but that's worst case scenario - ie you should get at least one day's ticket price off the price of an annual pass - we've done it for several years. So at worst, you should be able to get the cost of a one day pass off an Annual ticket - and it's definitely worth an ask to get the whole cost of your paid-for tickets of the annual ticket cost. Hope that makes sense! [ When we did it, we went to the "Passport Annuelle" office inside the park, but I read it's more easily done at the entrance now ].
Supersue thank you for that we will definitely look at doing that, will make more sense swapping them so that i can get my November holiday too
Hi Beth - make sure you take your normal passports with you for ID :-). Have a lovely holiday :-)
Still trying to decide the cheapest way to do dlp.. My daughter is 3 in June.
Super sue, do you buy annual passes at the gates then? Am thinking that's what I'll do tbh. Don't trust paying all that money out when don't understand what the websites saying lol!
Little Miss Pink - we've done it for several years by: purchasing a One Day pass elsewhere to get into the grounds of DLP, then going to the "Passeport Annuelle" office inside the park (you must take ordinary passports for ID purposes). They then take photos in situ, and deduct the cost of the One Day's passes from the cost of an Annual Pass (very much like the process of upgrading your Alton Towers daily ticket to an annual pass). They mostly spoke French (which I do) but am sure you could ask for someone who spoke English. Anyway, I've read that recently they have made it easier to "upgrade" your Day Ticket to an Annual Pass at the main gate (plenty of English speakers there) - though we haven't tried that yet, it wasn't available last time we went. We used to get the impression that the process was geared to giving privileges to French customers, but that must be frowned on in EU, so they are probably having to streamline the process for all customers. Good luck and Bon Voyage!
Hi. I really want to go to paris for my 40th, in 3 weeks time... possibly 3 night which will give us 4 days.
Would it be best to stay nearer DLP or in Paris, any advice would be great.
I also have mobility issues, does my carer get in for free?
Any advice would be great
We need to do this as cheap as possible there will only be my husband and I going.
tovi - definitely worth you just buying a one-day ticket to get in, then upgrading it to an Annual pass (take your ordinary passport with you). Not sure about carer getting in free, but definitely worth asking. Also worth asking about "Disabled access to rides" as all Merlin attractions offer a special wristband for disabled people to give access via the exit of each ride (ie no queueing) - on production of proof of disability, ie Blue Badge etc. Also, unless you find a specially cheap deal, don't stay on park itself. Depending on what kind of accommodation you want, stay in one of the nearby villages which are nice and quiet, maybe one of the chain hotels or Hotelformule1 basic room hotels. You can get breakfast very cheaply at them too. Or even a bed-and-breakfast. We go camping, but usually later in the year
Disneyland Paris loves to rip off foreign/British visitors who have to pay almost double the price that French visitors pay.
Would suggest using the .fr webpage to book.
CE multiavantage have changed their policy and refunded my money - they do not post overseas. Another way to rip off overseas visitors.

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Tovi, we have just booked to stay at the adagio val d'europe. Stayed there 2 years ago. Clean little apartments and a free Disney shuttle every 15 mins if remember right? It's about 7 mins away by the shuttle, and Theresa. Supermarket pretty much next door where we got our drinks etc from. Just cost us £415 for 4 nights for a family room of 6!
Think we are going to try and get the annual passes when we get there too. It actually would save us £30 off the price for 6 x. 3 day passes!
Has anyone managed to book the annual passes recently through any of these French sites with the kids passes for 30-40 euro's. I have been looking but can't seem to see the offer anymore??

I used … I used http://www.ce-multiavantages.com/404/passeports-annuels-promos.html had no problem with them being delivered here. think it cost about 6 euros as it was recorded which they suggest. only took about 4 days They just issue you with real park tickets which state annual pass on the back, you then go to the turnstiles as normal and just exchange it for the pass at the pass office. the tickets are vaild for 6 months from when you get them so you have to exchange them before then.

*** Did you get a confirmation email of booking. I've paid for my tickets but not received anything other than the code after the payment screen x
I paid €296 2 adults and 2 kids xx

I paid €296 2 adults and 2 kids xx

I am finding this site a struggle. Do you have to pay to become a member? It also only seems to add one of each pass to the basket.
I am thinking of taking annual ticket as I would be visiting DLP for 3 days. I checked with cvmultiavantages but they categorically said it is only for French.
How come they re telling me that i can t buy fantasy annual passport and that they for french only. I bought last year but they re not letting me buy now. Did anyone still bought from them even if they re saying so
I have also gotten to the payment scheme but don't want to purchase the membership if I won't be able to get the tickets. Leese10 how did you do it if you were in the UK? Thanks for your help.
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