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Disney Movie Rewards Ending - Buy cheap DVD to get free DVD
Found 6th Jun 2016Found 6th Jun 2016
Disney Movie Rewards is closing on 28th September. And there are limited rewards left on the site. Worth checking you balance as I had 400 points. If you go on the site you can loo… Read more

I don't have it anymore.


Yes please


I have a slip from Bambi if anybody would like the code for the points. I ordered Tron Legacy from a seller on Amazon and they sent me Bambi instead. :{


I still have 900 points outstanding, and hoping they would do a special of the good dinosaur for a week like they with inside out before they close. If not, will order an older DVD/Blu-ray before they close.


Fair enough. Its just your title implies you get a free dvd when you buy a dvd which isn't quite the case.

Recent Disney releases [Blu-ray w/O-Ring] 800pts @ Disney Movie Rewards (Atlantis, Winnie the Pooh, Treasure Planet etc)
Found 20th Feb 2016Found 20th Feb 2016
Heads up for those who collect / use DMR points. New titles appear to be : Atlantis Fun & Fancy Free/Ichabod & Mr Toad [Doublepack] Basil the Great Mouse Detective Home on… Read more
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They also started offering Disney Infinity characters recently...




Anyone know whats going on with the scheme? Still no points in frozen, big hero and inside out


Fantastic. I have been hoarding my points waiting for something new. Got the Rescuers double pack and Home on the Range. Thanks OP.


Fantastic. I have been hoarding my points waiting for something new. Got the Rescuers double pack and Home on the Range. Thanks OP.


​There is an eligible list on the website, so even if the code isn't in the box you can still claim the points by providing the receipt and image of the barcode on the back.


​all the new films dont have them in now.


​ugh my points expire in April too lol


well annoying they stopped with the points, I ordered all the new releases before Xmas expecting to gain enough points for Toy Story 3 3D as that's the only one I need after upgrading to the 3D versions, sad to see none of them had any points so now I'm stuck at 450 points :( anyone who has any spare codes which will take me to 900 I'd be very grateful lol


Excellent! I had exactly 600pts! Got myself Mulan.

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Disney movie rewards Xmas movies flash sale 400 points
Found 29th Nov 2015Found 29th Nov 2015
4 different DVD/3D bluray/steelbooks are now 100 points less to obtain from Disney movie rewards Santa paws DVD 400 Christmas carol and nightmare before Christmas both 3D bluray 80… Read more

Haha now they're saying they haven't received it...good job I sent it tracked isn't it?! Pathetic...


got every blu ray out now, just waiting on new releases :)


It's just if you are buying some films that have been out a while Snow White, Peter Pan, toy story etc They should have them in


If anyone has spare points can I have it please I have 200 points n need another 200/300 points to buy a DVD for son before it expires Thanks


they dont even give out points anymore, surprised its still going?

Inside Out available from 500 points on Disney Movie Rewards
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Inside Out now available on Disney Movie Rewards 500 points for the DVD, 700 for Blu Ray and 900 for 3D Blu Ray which includes a 2D Blu Ray.
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Doesn't seem to be available anymore.


gone. damn, i have the points


Thank you. I'd been waiting for this to be added to the Disney Movie Rewards catalogue :)


Yeah, of course... 50 points short, frustrating or what? I'm third in the queue but if anyone would be kind enough to PM me a code you'd make my day :) Thank you so much.


do you get a uv code with it ?

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Disney Princess 11-Disc DVD Boxset 3000 Points @ Disney Movie Rewards
Found 5th Nov 2015Found 5th Nov 2015
New addition to Disney Movie Rewards which may be useful to someone who still has points that need spending soon. Looking at Amazon the DVD boxset currently sells for around £49.99… Read more

It seems this has been withdrawn from the Disney Movie Rewards scheme - was saving up for it, so close to having enough points for it!! I will have one very disappointed and upset little girl :O(


Nah I mean the individual Blu Rays as we bought loads for kids Xmas in the bogof offer. Thanks


In terms of this set I don't know but generally 100 points for DVDs, 150 points for blu-rays, and more for boxsets and some games. Doubt you would get many points back from this though if the Pixar boxset was anything to go by. Disney also seem to be phasing the rewards scheme out in the UK as new releases no longer come with reward points.


How many points do you get per movie ?


Maleficent on Disney's Movie Rewards
Found 29th Oct 2015Found 29th Oct 2015
Maleficent now available at Disney Movie Rewards Blu-ray for 700 points - http://www.disneymovierewards.co.uk/rewards/maleficent-bd 3D Blu-ray for 900 points - http://www.disneymo… Read more
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Nope iv had duplicate dvds and gone to tesco took a photo of a bar code on a 3d box set and got the 3d box set amount of points i done this at least 3 times EDIT: looks like they have cottoned on iv just tried it with some points and a 3d blu ray bar code from a picture off ebay and only got 100 points.


All the codes have specific points values, so even if you put in the last six-digits of a 450 points BD box set with a code from a DVD case, you'd should only get 100 points.


Thanks - had 630 points left and been wanting to see this one! :3


​​Worth noting that you can use the last 6 digits of ANY eligible disc. Handy if you have duplicates, or if you want to get 200 points for a DVD :D


As well as the code, you have to put in the last 6 digits of the barcode from the dvd case.

Tomorrowland on DVD 500 Reward Points Blu-Ray 700 @ DisneyMovieRewards
Found 16th Oct 2015Found 16th Oct 2015
For a limited time only Disney have just added the new release Tomorrowland to the Disney reward point store. Promo is on till midnight on the 25th October

Cheers for the info Wiggywig. I didn't have enough for the Tomorrowland Blu-ray but at least I've banked the points now. :)


no card with a code in the box (again) with this bluray .....


Just search for the barcodes of eligible titles you haven't added and use the last 6 numbers of them. Works fine Few examples here of lesser ones ,if you dont have em , that you could use Rescuers down under DVD - 883528 Black cauldron DVD - 213404 Home on the Range DVD - 814812 Fantasia 2000 bluray - 288495 Oliver & company bluray - 418489 The Wild bluray - 125714


Does anyone have any codes to swap? I have spares for Cool Runnings on DVD (100 points) and Brave on Blu-Ray (150 points) if they are useful to anyone?


Thanks I got about 4200 points expiring end of Oct ....just need to get 300 for the Pixar bluray set .....anyone got ebay link?

UP/ CARS /TOY STORY 2/TANGLED 3D Blu-ray on Disney Movie only 700 Reward points @ Disney Rewards
Found 10th Sep 2015Found 10th Sep 2015
UP/CARS /TOY STORY 2/TANGLED 3D Blu-ray on Disney Movie only 700 Reward points Immerse yourself in a whole new dimension of family entertainment. Bring the 3D experience home wit… Read more
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I hadn't heard about Disney movie rewards until today, turns out I had 1450 points worth of DVD's lying around! Ordered myself 2 new DVD's for free. :D


CDs 80 points DVDs 100 points Blu-rays 150 points 3D Blu-rays 200 points DVD and BD box sets are 250 - 450 points DVDs are usually 500 points (and up) to redeem them and Blu-rays are 700 points and up. Occasionally you'll get offers where BDs are 550 points (there are a few titles on offer at the moment Cars 2 and Fantasia are 550 points).


Thanks, went for Toy Story 2 3D & Up 3D :-)


Hey. What are Disney reward points worth? A quick breakdown of the point system ... Ta


Been on there for ages for this amount (afaik)

NEW Cinderella (2015) on Disney Movie Rewards
Found 9th Sep 2015Found 9th Sep 2015
Blu ray is 700 points DVD is 500 points
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Expired now - I missed it. Was a 'One Week Only' reward according to DMR customer support. Pity points expire now. Still have the cartoon one on there, but not the 2015 live action.


Ahh looks like they changed the terms a while back http://www.disneymovierewards.co.uk/page/terms-and-conditions.htm from the above Your points are valid for six months after the end of the month in which they were entered in the Program; by way of a worked example: if you enter into the Program valid codes for 150 points on 5 June 2015, another 150 points on 25 June 2015 and a further 150 points on 10 July 2015 then you will have until 31 December 2015 to redeem the 300 points you entered during June and until 31 January to redeem the 150 points you entered during July 2015. Furthermore, all unredeemed points held in your account as at 30 April 2015 shall automatically expire on 31 October 2015. This means that if you do not redeem your points (i) within six months from the end of the month during which you entered them into the Program or, (ii) in the case of points held in your account as at 30 April 2015, by 31 October 2015, then those points will be deleted permanently from your account. We will inform you by email to forewarn you about when points are due to be deleted from your account.


How come all Mine also all say expire Oct......how come given they built up over years - they shouldnt all expire at once? Does redeming a few make the expiry pf the remaining points go out?


This Dvd is no longer available - it is just the cartoon version now


Woo hoo. Me too! Movie night tonight then.... Hot dogs, burgers, pizza. Can't wait :). Thanks OP

Big Hero 6 from 500 points @ Disney Movie Rewards
Found 6th Aug 2015Found 6th Aug 2015
Was checking out if anything new had been added to the Disney Rewards Store since I last went on it as my points are expiring in October and found Big Hero 6 had. It's at the stan… Read more

​Well that's that plan scuppered :(


Mine just arrived today. No DMR points inside :( Now I'll be 200 short on the next 3D movie that comes out.


Ordered dvd version. Great spot. Thanks


Yeah Disney changed the rules this year when they realised they were only going to turn over about $50 billion this year. They're falling on hard times so i was going to suggest we have a whip round to help them out. Feel so sorry for them.


Thanks for posting, had no idea about the reward scheme, just went through all the dvd's / blu ray's in the house and got this, Cars 1 3d, cars 2 blu ray & tangled 3d and still got 450 point left. Much appreciated!

Pixar Blu-ray Boxset 4500 points or Pixar DVD Boxset 3500 points @ Disney Movie Rewards
Found 9th Jun 2015Found 9th Jun 2015
This seems really good for anyone fortunate to still have a large amount of points on their Disney Movie Rewards account. The Pixar Blu-ray boxset costs 4500 points and the DVD ver… Read more
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I received my dispatch email on Saturday "13 June 2015 at 04:28" and received it on Thursday 18/6/15.


I got a conformation email on the 17th saying that it has been dispatched. Anyone no how long it would take to be delivered to West Yorkshire?


I have a spare Toy Story 2 AND Toy Story 3 dvd code, worth a combined total of 200 points I've already redeemed these titles and these codes seem to be locked on these titles because when I enter them it immediately says "you've already redeemed this title" before I even get to the EAN page I can't be bothered setting up a new account in the wife's name so if anyone hasn't banked these codes and wants to do a trade please pm me. As an added incentive I will accept either a single dvd or blu-ray code in return (i.e 200 points up for grabs at a cost of just 100/150)


500 points according to the unboxing video on YouTube.


most other places say its worth 600 points

4x 3d disney blu rays reduced to 700 dmr each @ disney movie rewards
Found 30th Mar 2015Found 30th Mar 2015
Disney have reduced 4 of their 3d blu rays to 700 dmr points each Tangled, cars, toy story 2 and up

just ordered 3 free dvds from disney rewards :) was less points to get 3d ones :) just wish they had the full pixar collection on there


got tangled 3d for my daughter, cheers op


cheers changed it


Excellent. Thank you


Its Cars 1 btw not Cars 2.

SteelBooks at Disney Movie Rewards 1200 points
Found 23rd Feb 2015Found 23rd Feb 2015
I was having a look to see if they had any new 3D movies at DMR and they now have 2 steelbooks, cars and monsters Inc. 1200points each. Thought it might help someone. http://www.… Read more
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You spend the points on movies. So you buy a disney movie and inside is a card with X points in it. go to DMR website and you collect points. When you have enough points for the reward you want, you give up your points and they send you the reward you want. 1200 points = bluray steelbook


What do Disney points actually give you? 1200 what will that do for a new member. & no i'm not going to read 50 pages of faq to find the answer :)


Argh I need 100 points, anyone help?


Be quick ....... Up 3D bluray steelbook will soon vanish.........hot


Yes, but in this case you're getting the same bluray disk, as opposed to when you already had the dvd and then got the bluray. You could think of the steelbook as being just a "special" or even limited edition case because that is all it is really, no different from say the O-Ring version and it is not treated differently under the reward scheme. The movie whether if it is the 2D or 3D version would be identical to that found in any regular bluray edition.


How long do they take to send these out?


Yeah, just spent the rest of my points!


Appears to be up and running again :)


But no titles have been added, same titles that have been there for the last 9 months or more.


Im assuming you didnt get the 100 point titles assuming they was blurays. They are just cases. Not added any new films for months. They just reduced the price on a few they had

Disney Classics O-Ring's now available on Disney Movie Rewards for 100 Points (DVD/Blu-Ray)
Found 6th Dec 2014Found 6th Dec 2014
Not sure when they started doing this, but Disney Movie Rewards are now offering the new Classics O-Ring's in exchange for 100 points. There are many available on both DVD and Blu-… Read more
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You can't "buy" the sleeves individually, but I know you can buy points on eBay from various sellers. That might serve as a good alternative :)


Does anyone know if you can buy the sleeves anywhere? I only had 300 points to redeem but would like more.


They just added the blu-ray sleeves again. Not as many as before but still a dozen or so. Im glad as i missed it first time. Just got about 10 hah


Has anyone else had their orders dispatched, I ordered about 6 of the O-Ring's - and it's been over a week, and they've still not been dispatched. I fear they might cancel my order :(


I had forgotten about this so have just checked my account, they have cancelled my order as I asked and refunded the points. Strangely my points balance is now 200 more than when I placed my order, from the looks of it like they have unexpired 200 points from 2011. I now have enough points to order a Blu Ray.

Free Wreck it Ralph  when you connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to Google Play.
Found 4th Nov 2014Found 4th Nov 2014
Disney are giving away a free copy of Wreck it Ralph for those who connect their Disney Movies Anywhere account to Google Play. You can also get a copy of it on your iTunes libra… Read more
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Just did it too was easy, setup an account never collected points. but showing in google play


still works, just did this.


Bit of fiddling and I got it to work, now downloading to my tablet! Thanks


Still working. Thanks OP.


I couldn't get it to work but that's because I'm not very good with technology so voted hot for those who can work it out.