Disneys Brother Bear (Animated) @ BlahDVD only £3.99 delivered

Disneys Brother Bear (Animated) @ BlahDVD only £3.99 delivered

Found 12th Jun 2008
A bargain for a Disney movie!

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In Walt Disney Pictures' animated feature BROTHER BEAR beautiful animation of the Pacific Northwest depicts wonderfully intimidating snowcapped mountains and glaciers, beautiful springtime forest scenes, rivers full of leaping salmon, and lots of interesting wildlife--from tiny squirrels and chipmunks to giant wooly mammoths. The colours and movement of the film are dazzling and dreamlike, while the upbeat musical score includes songs by Phil Collins and Tina Turner. The story carries messages about the power of friendship and community, the difficulty of losing a loved one, and the highs and lows of growing up. Kenai (Joaquin Phoenix) is a boy who longs to become a man but must learn a valuable lesson before he can achieve the maturity it requires. At a tribal ceremony the spirits give him the symbol of the bear, which stands for love. Then, through a series of events, he is transformed into a bear. Kenai must brave the wild, with only a little bear-cub brother, Koda (Jeremy Suarez), to guide him. In their travels, Kenai and Koda meet a couple of hilarious moose (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) who provide comic relief to this otherwise heart-rending family tale.



Koda's Outtakes
3 Deleted Scenes
Commentary - 1. Rutt and Tuke
Featurette - 1. BEAR LEGENDS - Inspiration for the film
2. MAKING NOISE - Sound Effects
3. ART REVIEW - Creating the animation
Music Videos


Thanks have ordered one!:thumbsup:

thanks! my lil boy just saw an ad for it yesterday on a dvd of his and it looked really good! So have got him it.

I can't seem to find this on the site anymore? If anyone is able to post a link that would be great


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