Disney's The Wild Blu-Ray - £6.93 Delivered @ The Hut

Disney's The Wild Blu-Ray - £6.93 Delivered @ The Hut

Found 14th Jul 2009Made hot 14th Jul 2009
Bargain price for a fantastic Kids film. Looks great on Blu Ray too.

You'll roar with laughter as Disney uncages its hip and hilarious comedy. The Wild, on Blu-ray's amazing high definition disc. Now this hysterical adventure delights more than ever before in this stunning new format!

When an outrageous band of furry friends escape from the zoo, they discover the New York City is the biggest, craziest jungle of all. Feast your eyes upon the ferociously funny animal antics in spectacular 1080p, while you heed the call of The Wild's bonus features, hysterical bloopers and blunders, deleted scenes and more with spectacularly enhanced audio. Harness the power of Blu-ray High Definition to captivate and entertain your whole family.

Don't forget 7.5% off if you're a More Than customer too.


Top price for Blue-ray

Damn you - literally just about to post this!

Tempted at this price myself, even if it has been reviewed as a 'sub-standard Madagascar' film by some; only just started the cross-over to Blu, and they need bulking up a bit..

Seems to be 4% QuidCo too, for those without More Than

ooh, very tempted by this. looks very good on blu too which is always nice
review here for anyone who is interested

Nice find, Midlandcomics..... HOT

bargain price.weak film

Awesome price for a blu-ray
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