Dissidia Final Fantasy £17.95 @ Zavvi

Dissidia Final Fantasy £17.95 @ Zavvi

Found 28th Aug 2009Made hot 4th Sep 2009
Cheapest around................
Out 4th Sept

# Exhilarating 3D battles. An exciting system lets your character run up walls, fly across the sky and unleash hardware-defying attacks all with intuitive operation.
# Genre-defining customisation. As your character grows, a vast range of actions, abilities and equipment become more available. Customised characters can be taken online for a wide variety of play experiences.
# Dramatic story contents Why have the warriors been gathered? A sumptuous tale awaits, presented with stunning event scenes and voice acting.
# User community. Challenge other players via ad hoc or online play. Trade Friend Cards, create items and share AI characters with other players and even engage in virtual AI battles made possible by the PSP system Ad-Hoc Mode.
# New features not in the Japanese version. New features include an additional Arcade Mode, improved gameplay balancing, new play tutorials, additional event scenes and more.


Looks good this game,shame I don't have a PSP. Voted hot though!

good price at the moment, i had pre-ordered from argos when they had their 20% off


Excellent spot and a timely blast of heat to get it on the hot pages

Yeah thanks for this, I preordered one a few days ago.. and I can only hope it comes on time, any idea how zavvi are with preorders?

awesome game, cracking price. have some heat

i dont think much of the game. It is a tad wierd


i dont think much of the game. It is a tad wierd

Its Final Fantasy, thats why so many people love it, because its weird

This is well worth it :thumbsup:

If only the shipping was good.. I thought it would be here by release day, I guess zavvi don't do that / have failed with me
oh great, I check a few days ago and it says processing, I check today and it says awaiting stock, no email or anything.
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