District 13 Double Pack On Blu Ray - £8.99 @ Play & Amazon

District 13 Double Pack On Blu Ray - £8.99 @ Play & Amazon

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Hey guys, I saw the first film on DVD a few years ago and it's great. £9 for two films? Hot from me. Note: This has nothing to do with District 9 and it is a French film (but don't let you put that off!)
It's also in two for £18, so essentially - you can get three films for £18! (Play.com £1 more)
The films hold good reviews at IMDB and have good picture quality (as blu-ray.com backs up)
District 13:
Set in the ghettos of Paris in 2010, an undercover cop and ex-thug try to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb.
District 13: Ultimatum:
Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector that is controlled by five different gang bosses, before the city's secret services take drastic measures to solve the problem.

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Though Play.com shows that Blu-ray cover as shown below 'go to deal'. Blu-ray.com shows this image (but this may be the American version?)

Yet still getting hot votes

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Will change in a minute

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Can't change direct link mods?

Not seen the second one,but the first one is very good.

thx !

really enjoyed the first film, might go for this...

The second one is OK. Loved the first one

good deal, pity hmv jst updated their website, i was getting 10% off for the last few years, for some reason. oh well only 90p i may have saved

edit. they have only changed the checkout process, still got my 10% off £8.09 for 2 great films on blu ray.
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Hot, hot, hot. Beautifully shot films full of awesome stunts. They will look brilliant on Blu-Ray (only seen them on DVD, so this is tempting).
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