District 13 DVD @ £2.99 - ChoicesUK

District 13 DVD @ £2.99 - ChoicesUK

Found 2nd Feb 2008
It's 2013 and Parisian ghetto District 13 has become so dangerous the authorities have walled it in and left its inhabitants to rot. But when neutron weapon is stolen by a ghetto gangmember, enter super-cop Damien (Cyril Raffaelli) and wrongly-imprisoned ghetto-dweller Leito (David Belle). They're both hard-as-nails and experts in Le Parkour, an extreme sport involving wall scaling, roof-running and building-to-building leaping...

From the pen of multi-talented action maestro Luc Besson (director of Leon, producer of The Transporter) comes a full throttle action-thriller with physical thrills and spills to rival even Ong-Bak!

Review on IMDB: imdb.com/tit…52/


This is a brilliant film! Can't believe the price has dropped so much. Snap it up now!!

pretty decent action flick with lots of free-running style stuff going on.

i know some people hate subs so be aware this is in French with English subs.

One of the best "foreign" films I have seen. I didn't find the subs a problem,as it is such a good movie,sometimes it is worth it :thumbsup:
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