District 9 (Blu-ray) - £9.99 @ Play
District 9 (Blu-ray) - £9.99 @ Play

District 9 (Blu-ray) - £9.99 @ Play

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Producer Peter Jackson ('Lord Of The Rings') presents this action-packed instant sci-fi classic. Rich with social and political themes, District 9 is also a spectacular effects-driven event picture, offering clear evidence that blockbuster movies can have a brain to go along with the brawn!

1982, Johannesburg, South Africa: A large alien spaceship hovers above the city carrying hundreds of thousands of ailing extraterrestrial creatures that the population of the 'Joburg' would soon come to unaffectionately refer to as 'Prawns'.

Twenty-eight years later and tensions are mounting. The 'Prawns' live in a militarized ghetto zone called District 9 where they are confined in squalor. Munitions company Multi-National United is contracted to remove the extraterrestrial element with force to a distant compound. Unexpectedly, bureaucrat Wikus van der Merwe supervises the military charge. However, when Wikus discovers an unknown substance and accidentally ingests it, he soon becomes the most hunted man in Johannesburg. Alone and stripped of his former life, Wikus' only allies are the creatures he once sought to banish.


well worth seeing this in hi-def imo

I got 2 for 20 at mymemory for this and T4, this is a steal at this price

Also £10 @ sainsburys in store at the moment (along with terminator salvation & taking pelham 123)


Good price. You can also get it for this price in those pop vending machines you see at train stations. I got it from manc picc.


well worth seeing this in hi-def imo

Agreed, they used the RED camera so expect quality with this transfer. :thumbsup:

Kill the bloody prawns Wikus.

yawnfest of a film

Take it this isn't the steelbook edition then since nothing mentioned?

Great film Great Price, heat, heat heat!

This was my favourite film of 2009


This was my favourite film of 2009


Love that movie too....different from other alien movies and worth watching in HD.


Thought it was OK not worth a re-watch imo, I'll may be get the blu when it's around the £5 mark.

£7.99 with a £2 maccies voucher code!!!

Amazing film - altho the end was a bit soppy.
Buy it!


Also £10 @ sainsburys in store at the moment (along with terminator … Also £10 @ sainsburys in store at the moment (along with terminator salvation & taking pelham 123)http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/659292/district-9-blu-ray-10-sainsburys-in


Cheap...Heat added

Same price at Amazon


£7.99 with a £2 maccies voucher code!!!

Has to be £10 or more to get £2 off

gotta love it.......******* prawns!!!!!!!

anyone know what the cheapest item is you can buy from play.com to get it over the ten pounds to use the play.com voucher? thanks

I also saw this for £10 at my local Sainsburys.

Fair price for a blu-ray.....but my god! what an appalling film! ¬_¬

Good film and looks amazing on Blu-Ray.

Wikus plays " Captain Murdock" in the new A-Team film!

Nice. Been waiting for this to come down.

Thanks to the OP.

Sticker was £16.99 at my local, but scanned @£10 on the till.

price aint too bad, pretty poor film imo though. not voted either way.
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