District 9 (Nine) (Blu-ray) 8.99 Delivered at Play.com

District 9 (Nine) (Blu-ray) 8.99 Delivered at Play.com

Found 21st Jun 2010Made hot 21st Jun 2010
Good price i think for a good movie...

Producer Peter Jackson ('Lord Of The Rings') presents this action-packed instant sci-fi classic. Rich with social and political themes, District 9 is also a spectacular effects-driven event picture, offering clear evidence that blockbuster movies can have a brain to go along with the brawn!

1982, Johannesburg, South Africa: A large alien spaceship hovers above the city carrying hundreds of thousands of ailing extraterrestrial creatures that the population of the 'Joburg' would soon come to unaffectionately refer to as 'Prawns'.

Twenty-eight years later and tensions are mounting. The 'Prawns' live in a militarized ghetto zone called District 9 where they are confined in squalor. Munitions company Multi-National United is contracted to remove the extraterrestrial element with force to a distant compound. Unexpectedly, bureaucrat Wikus van der Merwe supervises the military charge. However, when Wikus discovers an unknown substance and accidentally ingests it, he soon becomes the most hunted man in Johannesburg. Alone and stripped of his former life, Wikus' only allies are the creatures he once sought to banish.


Haven't seen it cheaper than this.

Ordered - thank you.

Just got this on dvd for £2.49 at argos

I picked this up for £4 at Asda a few weeks ago...

woops I got it on DVD - Your deal on Blu-ray, what a bargain!!!


Haven't seen it cheaper than this.Ordered - thank you.

You could of got it for less than £8 the other week from tesco with the code and cashback.

will order tonight......:thumbsup:

possibly the worst film ever............but a good price so hot for some I guess

This is a great film!! seen it the other day strange idea but very good to watch i will watch it again

Spoiler alert!

Great film, I highly recommend it. I thought it was better than Avatar and if you think about it the plot is very similar. Basically both films go like this: corrupt corporate interests attempt to exploit alien life, one of the humans who is being used by the corporation transforms into an alien but comes to sympathise with them and ends up helping them. There are plenty of visual similarities too if you watch closely.

But I prefer District 9 because acting, scripting and editing are all better. Avatar is just CGI spectacle; District 9 moves you from disgust (with both alien and human characters) to sympathy. District 9 plays a wider range of emotion. It's less predictable and more grown up.

District 9 was probably the best hollywood film of last year in my opinion.

Can't understand the people who said that it was terrible.

This is a brilliant film, I got it the order week from amazon for a tenner.
A 100 times better then avatar.


This is a brilliant film, I got it the order week from amazon for a … This is a brilliant film, I got it the order week from amazon for a tenner.A 100 times better then avatar.

It's a very different film really.


It's a very different film really.

Yes, despite them both being science fiction they are quite different.
However, the acting and the story put it above Avatar. Reading the dialogue in avatar and you can tell JC wrote it in the 70's.
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