District 9 (Nine) DVD £3.99 delivered @ Play

District 9 (Nine) DVD £3.99 delivered @ Play

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From producer Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp comes a stunningly original sci-fi thriller, throwing viewers headlong into an escalating conflict between alien refugees and Johannesburg locals. Only one man, hunted and hounded, will come to understand what it truly means to be an outsider.

1982, Johannesburg, South Africa: A large alien spaceship hovers above the city carrying hundreds of thousands of ailing extraterrestrial creatures that the population of the 'Joburg' would soon come to unaffectionately refer to as 'Prawns'.

Twenty-eight years later and tensions are mounting. The `Prawns' live in a militarized ghetto zone called District 9 where they are confined in squalor. Munitions company Multi-National United is contracted to remove the extraterrestrial element with force to a distant compound. Unexpectedly, bureaucrat Wikus van der Merwe supervises the military charge. However, when Wikus discovers an unknown substance and accidentally ingests it, he soon becomes the most hunted man in Johannesburg. Alone and stripped of his former life, Wikus' only allies are the creatures he once sought to banish.


good spot, heat added

Cheers, been after this. Will order

Whats with the (nine) ?


Whats with the (nine) ?

for people who cant recognise a number of course!!

Nice find, heat added


Whats with the (nine) ?

It's for people searching, so whichever way they type it, they'll get this in their results.
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Whats with the (nine) ?

It helps when searching ie I do the same sort of thing if I post a Dr/Doctor Who DVD or a 24/Twenty Four DVD etc

Snap, lol

Great film at a good price

ill get it if it drops in price by another £5:p

An okay movie. WAY over-hyped in my opinion. A modern version of "Alien Nation".

really good film, nothing else like it. HOT!!

Great price, thanks

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