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Dive into DevOps ebook bundles

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An indispensable IT library

Are you an IT pro looking to level-up your skills? Or a newbie looking to break into an in-demand field? This bundle of books from No Starch Press will get you up to speed on a spectrum of mission-critical topics. DevOps for the Desperate covers the basics you need to get you up and running in today’s full-stack infrastructure. How Linux Works will teach you what you need to know to take control of the world’s most powerful and versatile operating system. The Book of Kubernetes gives you a deep understanding of containerization as a whole and Kubernetes in particular, as well as imparting essential best practices. Get all these books and more—valued at over $750—and help support the Python Software Foundation with your purchase.

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    DevOPs is kind of a dirty word as it is often misused. IT has changed over the years. There used to be separate roles. Now you're expected to be a developer, sysadmin, cloud engineer and database engineer and whatever else they can get you to do.

    So if we accept DevOPs is an umbrella term for an amalgamation of roles that would be one way of describing it.

    So who is DevOps for? Beginners to IT? Absolutely no way whatsoever. DevOps is for very experienced IT professionals. By all means get these books read them if you're a beginner, but you won't get a DevOPs role. If you had a meagre chance before you really have no chance whatsoever in the current IT market which is a total shambles for employment currently.

    What you need is a plan? So if you want to get into DevOps and you don't have years of IT experience what do you do? You need a plan. That plan could be learntocloud.guide which gives you a 6 month ish plan to get the fundamentals down. Then the next part of the plan is try to get helpdesk roles. To get helpdesk roles you really need ITIL, knowledge of a helpdesk system, MS 365 admin, Sharepoint admin, Dynamics 365 and Power 365. I would study MS 365 and Sharepoint. You'll need a personal website with projects from the plan and any other projects you have worked on. You'll need your LinkedIn absolutely manicured to perfection.

    Now look at the range of subjects in this bundle >


    What's missing? AWS and/or Azure Cloud deployment/management. You need this as well.

    This tells you all you need to know about DevOPs. You can know all of these subjects but you won't know them in 6 months or a year. You need a few years experience at least.

    My advice for beginners, buy this bundle if you have some spare cash. Look at it as a far distance goal. Then use whichever books align with


    You don't need to be an amazing programmer, but if you want to develop on the BackEnd then consider using boot.dev/ which you can actually do for free and forget the paid for gamified experience. Boot.dev gives you a solid understanding of Python, Javascript and Golang. Only do it if that is your goal to get into Backend dev. Otherwise stick with learntocloud.guide

    That's about as good a guide as I can think of. There's multiple ways to do it but ultimately you need to learn a lot of different things and without a plan you're going nowhere. The books in this bundle are NOT a plan they can be part of a plan but you don't know what you don't know and that's why I said a plan is 100% required and those two resources I linked are plans.

    One last thing there's going to pain, lots of pain. As a beginner, this will be very difficult, but it is entirely possible to get an entry level job after 6 months solid work, the only problem is you then enter the next level of pain, no one wants you in the current market. So you're going to have to work at all angles to get a job. That's why I said study ITIL and some of MS 365 resources. Microsoft Learn has course and there's plenty of YouTube resources. You're going to need to spend hours making contacts, improving your chances. This is going to be tough, really tough and it is only for the people that never give up, and can work at least 3 hours a day every day. No days off.

    To improve chances of getting a low paid beginner help desk role then study ITIL 4


    Use Microsoft Learn to get help desk ready



    Microsoft 365 Fundamentals >

    "Is the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification worth it?

    Yes, the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification is recognized in the industry. It validates a candidate's foundational knowledge of Microsoft 365 services, making them more competitive in the job market.
    2 Feb 2024" Source: readynez.com/en/…it/

    Whilst doing these you need to stick with one of the other two plans additionally to maximising your chances to get a helpdesk role. (edited)
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    Great post and I was thinking this point also.

    Resourcing for DevOps roles is extremely difficult as you get people in sys admin type roles being in industry for two years feel that reading a book / taking a DevOps course is enough to bring them into the industry. I much prefer interviewing people with a software background Vs anything else as at least they have a chance of understanding a pipeline. I've been in industry 15 years and have been using Hudson/Jenkins for most of that, building year on year new tech and IaC code tools, such as ansible terraform, kubernetes clusters, helm and many many more tools.

    Not saying you can't learn DevOps - but you can't learn from the suggested books in the OPs post, the person whome I am replying has given some much better advice as to a way in. Generally, start by learning to program software with as much networking as possible, then add on the DevOps layers as you can.
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    Guilt prices! Love it.
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    Whats a guilt price....out of interest ?
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    Interested in this but don’t seem to be able to log into my humble account. They want to email me a code to complete login but it never arrives in inbox for the email I used to sign in or junk. Support link says tail time for responses is 14+ days by which time the offer will probably be done…
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