Unfortunately, this deal has expired 23 June 2022.
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Posted 23 June 2022

Divine TV Unit £27 / Diva Nest of 2 Tables £20.70 delivered / Diva Dining Table £28.50 / Diva Lamp Table £14.70 (free collection) @ Homebase

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Nice offers on Diva and Divine furniture at Homebase

Divine Dining Table - Grey- £28.50 (+delivery £12.50)
Divine TV Unit - Grey - £21 (+£6 delivery)
Divine Lamp Table - Grey - £14.70 (+£6 delivery)

Diva Dining Table - Ivory - £28.50
Diva Nest of 2 Tables - Ivory - £14.70
Diva Lamp Table - Ivory - £14.70
Diva Coffee Table - Ivory - £25.50

Delivery is £6 for small furniture (e.g. tv unit, lamp table, nest of 2 tables), £12.50 for large (e.g. dining table, coffee table)

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  1. RooGuru's avatar
    Figured it out, I was trying to order the Divine sideboard which didn't have any delivery stock, removing that gave me delivery options
  2. CROOH92's avatar
    I had the coffee table in my basket but out of stock now great prices OP anyone know if the dining tables are any good?
    Rockpaperfunko's avatar
    We have had our diva table and chairs 3 years so pretty good.
  3. Gandalfthegrey's avatar
    47705970-6bJvv.jpg47705970-NAKiV.jpg47705970-KlwkL.jpg47705970-w1Gw2.jpgLike I say. Poor quality.

    Ps, chairs are not staying! (edited)
    Experiment's avatar
    I built mine today, had no such damage on it, pretty good bargain at the price paid. Wish I could've got the bookcase, sideboard and TV stand to complete the set tho.
  4. Domino's avatar
    47668652-qYovr.jpgTablet picked up 28.50£
  5. Frank30uk's avatar
    Saw these and ordered a set just now. Fingers crossed! cracking prices
    blazons's avatar
    'cracking' is the watchword, if it seems too good to be true.....
  6. danny.kerr's avatar
    Keep getting delivery errors
    Jean80's avatar
    Yip me to
  7. airgrabfistpump's avatar
    Bargain. I bought 3 items a few months back for about £200. All I would say, is I don’t think they will last years, especially if frequently used. I had to glue some corners of the painted strips back to the boards already.

    I’ve got in touch with Homebase to see if they can refund me the difference, rather than me complaining and dismantling the old ones and reordering. Costco have always been good at things like that, dunno about Homebase though
  8. Experiment's avatar
    Happy with mine at around £80 delivered
  9. GimmeGimmeGimme's avatar
    Not getting any option to collect in store - only delivery even though I haven’t specified which store so don’t think it’s a stock issue?
  10. Jbhaseen's avatar
    I keep getting delivery error
  11. Frank30uk's avatar
    Mine being picked and packed
  12. tek-monkey's avatar
    The original prices were a bit of a joke though for MDF?
  13. jay.spearing's avatar
    Just spent over £500 thanks OP.. Can easily sell these on for a profit many thanks
    jay.spearing's avatar

    Replying to

    I have a warehouse so it's there's space
  14. danny.kerr's avatar
    47669922-hupJL.jpgGot a good snag but gutted I didn't get a sideboard
    sheffield788's avatar
    Go in shop, you may be lucky. As per my comment above this one.
  15. OTBC's avatar
    Feels a bit scammy, had a phone call from them to say 'the items you ordered are OOS now and so we've refunded you'. Go to look on their site and they're back in stock, for next day delivery, at a higher price. Pretty shoddy business practices there.
    MDog0101's avatar
    It was obviously a mistake price - they are well within their right to reject your order until the item is in your hands. I know it sucks but even the pricing now isn't that bad to be fair.
  16. Genie75's avatar
    Just recieved a similar phonecall from Homebase. The items which were dispatched on Thursday for delivery Friday are apparently now out of stock. Funny you can dispatch items which don't exists. Terrible customer service.
    sophiebko's avatar
    Likewise, just received a call to say OOS and refund on way
  17. Martyjg90's avatar
    Has anyone actually received theirs yet?
    Funny thing is I had the phone call saying out of stock but checked the website tonight and either it’s back in stock or they were lying to us trying to recoup the cost, luckily I had only one item cancelled the others still pending so will be calling tomorrow to find out what’s going on
    ayatun's avatar
    Yes I ordered for delivery and got it delivered on Friday no problems
  18. cristoff's avatar
    Just had a text to say mine is now with the delivery partner for delivery tomorrow so not sure why others got cancellations. (edited)
  19. cristoff's avatar
    Coffee table and tv stand just arrived now. Two buyers off here both went silent over the weekend so gave us an opportunity to have a look at it a bit more but Mrs still isn’t keen. Returning to Homebase would mean losing the delivery charge so looks like it’ll just end up on eBay
  20. drfox1970's avatar
    Just had my delivery
    The dining table and nest of tables ..happy!
  21. bjs2007uk's avatar
    Thanks for posting the pictures, really helpful!
  22. GrownSimba's avatar
    Has anyone else just randomly received theirs? I originally got the cancellation email and a refund for the dining table, nest table and lamp table and I’ve just had it all delivered. No longer have the space for it so if you’re still after one let me know
  23. AlexanderJamesDenny's avatar
    It's not working
  24. karina80's avatar
    Delivery error, assumed it was because I'm in Northern Ireland
  25. cbark's avatar
    Ordered the TV unit. I doubt it will get delivered but worth a shot.
  26. al1merf1's avatar
    Dining table ordered, thanks OP!
  27. cbark's avatar
    I think they have messed up and won't be honoured, they have reduced it to 15% rather than knocking 15% off.
  28. cristoff's avatar
    Ordered the tv unit and coffee table. Who knows what will happen
  29. hotshot's avatar
    same cant deliver wont recognise address
  30. sambond1975's avatar
    Can’t get anything to work
  31. shoeaddict81's avatar
    Thanks so much for this OP!! I have ordered the Diva coffee table and the side table. Only came to £36 for both with the new customer discount!!
    I couldn't get click and collect at first as it wouldn't recognise my address, however I use my Mum and Dad's instead and that worked!! Heat from me, thank you
  32. -tech-guy-'s avatar
    Bought loads thanks!!
  33. Skyler85's avatar
    Ordered tv unit and coffee table. Wouldnt let me order the side board. Thankyou (edited)
  34. hayley.louise's avatar
    Thanks @idontflycathay ! Just ordered the TV unit, delivery tomorrow £6 🙌🔥
  35. Nat2701's avatar
    Ordered, thank you
  36. RooGuru's avatar
    Disaapointed can't get delivery options to work
  37. TYrone12's avatar
    Same here delivery address error
  38. Cheggersplayspop's avatar
    Me too
  39. mathjp's avatar
    Just placed my order now, cheers OP
's avatar