Divinerz: Sudoku Save £1.79 @ Google Play

Divinerz: Sudoku Save £1.79 @ Google Play

Found 14th Dec 2017
Sudoku is a world-renowned puzzle game, whose goal is to fill the empty cells without repeating symbols. Our version has standard-issue digits replaced by pretty symbols, skillfully crafted by our artisans, to prove that math skills are unnecessary here – all you need is use the old noggin’!

This is Divinerz: Sudoku! Choose one of the modes – Adventure, featuring standard rules, or Survival, where you will be racing against the clock – and give your brain cells a workout! Focus and improve your skills across 320 levels. Simplicity is the key to fun!

How to play:
- Take your time in the Adventure mode or race against the clock in Survival mode.
- Fill all empty cells on the board without repeating symbols in columns, rows or blocks.
- Improve your skills and take on even harder challenges!
- Get more stars by beating a level within a set time limit.

- Two different game modes – Adventure and Survival.
- Four difficulty levels, from beginners to Sudoku veterans.
- 320 levels, sized 6x6 i 9x9.
- Four distinct tilesets.

Hope it helps someone.
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To be clear, this was £1.79 and is now free.

Heat added.
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