Dixons bank holiday mega deals up to 50% off.

Dixons bank holiday mega deals up to 50% off.

Found 21st Aug 2008
Dixons bank holiday mega deals up to 50% off..

over 45 deals up to 50% off
over 40 deals up to 25% off
over 25 deals up to 15% off
over 35 deals up to 10% off

Hope can help some one to find what they really want with a good price.


had a look- nothing immediately jumps out as a spectacular bargain. And I hate doing business with DSG- always pushing 'extended warranties' and the outright lies their sales staff use to shift end of line/high profit margin goods.

I was told recently in PCWorld that Nikon D40 I wanted price matching with Amazon was a poor choice as it was only 6MP and that the zoom wasn't very good and it couldn't take video, it was difficult to use and the shutter speed wasn't very fast blah blah and the guy tried to direct me to buy a 12MP point and shoot. I listened and acted like a stupid ill informed customer- making him think he'd close the deal.

I got bored with all the BS and when I questioned his claims - slow shutter speed? It shoots up to 1/4000s how much quicker would you say it needs to be considered fast?? Anyway I decided despite the few £'s saving I'd rather my money went to Amazon

oh dear the usual poor DSG "sale", followed the "upto 50% off" option and found this beauty
WAS £326.09
NOW £326.09

be afraid.... be very afraid.......

i have just purchased a number of items from dixons and had very, very, very poor service.

advised delivery dates mave been missed, products now out of stock & cancelled off, no phone calls or emails, still waiting for the goods to be delivered!!!!!!

if this was ebuyer or play, i know i would have got the goods when and where stated.

i cant believe that from such a big company as this you get such bad service...

ps: the price may look good, but its only any good if they do what they say they will do.

i will be avioding in future..:x

this may be me looking for a conspriracy, however i went through quidco on my order and used a discount code provided by dixons..

they cancelled my original order off and put on a new one? hence no quidco....

the item i got 10% off is strangely the item that was cancelled off my order by dixons and it was in stock when i rang up to check when it was going to be despatched?...

perhaps im looking for issues but.........

Well gumpi, sounds like you found them.
Dixons stink.
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