Dixons Employee Only 5 Dyson vacuum from £100 Ends Today

Dixons Employee Only 5 Dyson vacuum from £100 Ends Today

Found 7th Jun 2013
You need to go to the above URL select the store you work at and enter the employee code to move to the next page. Ignore the questionnaire just select reveal answer and continue. On the checkout click on the promotional code and enter the employee code again and the discount will be applied no delivery charge also..

The models

DC39 Animal complete Sold out
DC47 Multifloor £100
DC50 Animal Complete £175
DC44 Animal £150
AM05 Hot + Cool Fan £175

Only staff offer


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Any employee codes


I think you are dyson with death this post
It's one per employee, doubt if anyone is willing to give up one.
The way this is going it seems this will cross freezing 200 degrees
shouldn't be posting staff schemes on since vast majority of people using this site don't work for your company and as such cant benefit ( dont suppose your employer will be too happy you posting staff offers on forum sites either !!!!). only fair to vote cold as offer not open to jo public !!!!.
Based on comments isn't this self promotion which is not allowed. .and could mean all dixons deals could be banned. As I was told other retailers are blocked for self promotion.
Had a play around, best i'm getting...

Basket summary
DC39 Animal

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This was advertised on company intranets since April 24th ish

This was advertised on company intranets since April 24th ish

intranet is the key it is internal /staff only website not accessible outside work !!!. internet is world wide. I hopefully no one from staff sales ( or other staff ) are looking at this post as they may think twice about posting such offers on the intranet again !!!
great if you work for dixons
heat for effort
effort ?. dont think if you were a dixons employee you would be so happy. how would you feel if a colleague of yours posted a staff only offer on a forum which stopped you from getting the staff offer?!!!
I'm going to go and get a job in Dixon's JUST to get this offer
How do I also purchase a 10 year extended warranty?!?!?! :)))
All dixsons employee's should know about this offer internally so why use HUKD? Of course it's going to be cold voting.
This deal sucks
What's the record for the worst deal on hukd then? Lets make a new one.
It's DSG group everything about them sucks. Beats me how on earth they are still continuing to trade when the likes of Comet who IMO were much better along with Best Buy have fallen by the wayside.
Edited by: "Stevey1976" 20th Jun 2013
I actually work for Dixons and can confirm this offer is no longer vaild, on top of that the AM05 SHOULD NOT be included as the AM04/05 was recalled.
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