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Sonos One (Gen1) White £119.97 @  Dixon’s Travel
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunLocalLocal
So a little niche, but if you’re travelling through an airport anyway Dixon’s Travel are doing these white only for £119.97. I also had a personal 20% Sonos code from ordering one … Read more
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Bringing back my PTSD


No. You can only reserve for collection on outbound.


Have some heat as this is a good deal for those that are travelling, even without the additional Sonos 20% coupon!! 🔥


Do you know if you can buy and pickup on your return?


Useful for anyone like me that works in a airport, heat added

UE Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 £80.99 @ DixonsTravel (airports only)
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th JunLocalLocal
Cheapest I've ever seen the Boom 3. I've got 3 of these and they're fantastic speakers. Great sound, rugged and linkable. Very decent speakers. Has very good reviews. This is airp… Read more
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Sorry I bought my boom 2 yesterday - brand new from the Dixons Travel at T5 on my way out. The main shops were sold out but there was a smaller concessions stand by the gate. Was planning to get the boom 3 but thought there probably weren't enough differences to justify the extra money. I had the original boom for a few years but it developed a crackly / popping sound.




CeX is the only option I know of. But I've had all 3 generations and there's not a lot in it, so if you have 3 of the UE BOOM 3s I doubt you'd go and get a UE BOOM 2 anyway. I am actually flying next Friday, I will check it out, but I doubt I'll upgrade right now. Jokes and bickering aside, you can get a UE BOOM 3 grade A from CeX for £62 delivered: https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=5099206080287a&categoryName=media-player-accessories&superCatName=electronics&title=ultimate-ears-boom-3-wireless-bluetooth-speaker-night-black-a


Not at all. As I've already said, if he could point me to where they are for £50 I'd go and get one. Not facetious (which doesn't fit at all) not smug, not rhetorical. Just asking.


It's probably a customer return, they just call it 'used'. I don't know about you anyway, I know you have 3 of them, but it's a speaker and I don't tend to get intimate with them so I don't mind if someone else has taken it out of the box and touched it first. I mean the other option is wait until I'm next travelling and then buy one. It's a bit like a Tesco's local store deal in terms of who can access it. Facetious or smug, either way it was a rhetorical question wasn't it?

Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats pro Dixons in LHR T2 - £199.99 Dixons Travel  London Heathrow Terminal 2
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunLocalLocal
Latest Apple wireless earphones. Everywhere is £219. Bought in London Heathrow Terminal 2's Dixons.
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I found sound quality average at best. This is based against Bose sound sport which I got for 50 pound


With apple’s ease of Bluetooth connectivity and improvements in sound quality it is a sterling product but yes it’s pricey


I would never pay this, but its cheaper then everywhere else...so its a good deal. Bit niche of a location mind!


Great price! Got these delivered today and the sound quality is really good. Heat for me!


A good reduction on a new product so I don’t know who is voting cold but if these are anything like my Beats X I would pay the extra £20 and get the JL 2 year warranty. Mine have been back twice and replaced with new ones. I’ll sell them once they’re out of the 2 years

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AKG60NC Bluetooth Nosie Cancelling Headphones £89.97 Dixons Travel (Gatwick )
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd JunLocalLocal
Just bought s set of these AKG60NC wireless headphones from Samsung.com at half price for£129 from the Samsung site after a recent HotUKDeals post. Excellent set of cans, actually … Read more

There are some of these on Richer Sounds' ebay store ATM. Refurbished but with a year's parts and labour warranty...£89.00 link SORRY - NOT BLUETOOTH. My bad. I'll leave it though as still a decent set of headphones?


Very close. I actually tried these, the Bose and the Sennheisers side by side in J Lewis, sounds was similar and actually preferred the sound of the AKGs. Bose was more immersive since they completely covered your ears, these sit on the ears so you hear a little more background


How's does it compare to a base QC 35 II, is it close ?


Yes... Just been using them in the flight out! Quality is actually marginally better with the cord, they come with a flight adaptor, usb cord and 3 5mm cord . Noise reduction is not total either... You can still hear a little background Hun on the aircraft, enough to hear announcements. Overall I'd recommend especially for the Price.


Nice find op. Don't have these but very good price. (y)

Two pack of Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker £34.99 at Dixons travel
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd AprLocalLocal
I realise this is not for everyone since it's an airport deal but if you are passing by, good to know. This was not a managers special so I would assume this to be available in all… Read more

Those are the older ones with non-replacable batteries and 200ft range (as opposed to 300ft) Still a good deal though, assuming you don't get stung by customs charges and conversion fees


you can get 4 for $39.99 from WOOT (Amazon bargain site) https://electronics.woot.com/offers/tile-sport-4-pack-key-finder-1?ref=w_cnt_wp_7_6


I just don’t see the point. If they were gps maybe but not Bluetooth.


Yep the reviews have put me off getting them, seem very flaky even when they do work


My understanding is they also work if in range of any other Tile user's bluetooth device.

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TP-LINK HS110 Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring £15 @ Dixons Travel Heathrow T5
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th MarLocalLocal
Found the TP-Link HS110 (not the cheaper HS100 which lacks Energy Monitoring) at Dixons Travel in Terminal 5 of LHR (departures upstairs). There were over a dozen boxes, reduced to… Read more
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Thanks, in this case I'll expire the deal. Hope it was useful to someone.


None in T5 to


I couldn’t see any in LHR T2 Dixon’s


Buy them in argos for expensive. Keep the bill. Install. Buy more in T5. Return T5 ones to argos.


You just need to convince your boss that a business class trip to Miami is required, boots on the ground and all that...

Oculus rift CV1 (ex display) £199 at Dixon's travel Gatwick Airport
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd MarLocalLocal
Not a bad price
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Really?? The level of immersion you get in most games far outweigh the drop in graphics you get compared to a pc monitor. Example on flight Sims, over the years I tried many pc upgrades, fantastic graphics cards, triple monitors, head tracking. But all of the above combined doesn't come anywhere close to what the rift delivers. FPS games, where co locating your teammates is easier, movement is natural, you have a gun in each hand, you're actually in the game rather than looking through a window with pc controls that are limiting to say the least. Yes the graphics are a step down from the state of the art pc offerings, however the interface and immersion are several steps greater than what a keyboard / mouse / can offer. I guarantee that when the stand alone vr units have the right price point and the big studios are releasing content then there will be a whole new market. My elderly relatives loved the rift after ten minutes, whereas it took them a decade to get a smartphone.


Yeah, I agree it has Passthrough, but not 'Passthrough+" EDIT: From your link "Correction: Clarified that the Oculus Rift S, because it has an additional external camera, will make use of Passthrough Plus, while the Quest will simply use standard Passthrough."


According to press releases, Quest does have Pass through. "One new feature coming to the Quest and Rift S platforms that looks particularly helpful is Passthrough, which is a way to view the real world around you as you set up your space using Oculus’ Guardian tool (the blue mesh barrier that prevents you from walking into your desk or tripping over a chair). Because both headsets have inside-out tracking, you’ll be able to toggle between the Oculus Home launcher and live video feed of your real-life surroundings." https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/3/20/18273152/oculus-rift-s-vr-headset-announced-pricing-release-date-features-gdc-2019


Quest doesn't have Passthrough+


The Oculus Rift S and the Oculus Quest are being lauched on 30 April 2019, we will no doubt see a lot more reductions of the Rift in coming weeks. The Rift S is still tethered (like the Rift), although it uses Insight and 6DOF (6-degree-of-freedom), basically, there is no longer a need for external sensors to be placed around the room to detect your movement. The sensors are now built in to the headset. Additionally, it now incorporates Passthrough+. The ability to use the built-in camera to see your real environment (in case you want to pick up your cup of tea, for example). The standard Rift has 1080 x 1200 resolution per eye (456ppi), while the Rift S has 1280 x 1440 per eye (600ppi). The Rift S has refresh rate of 80Hz, compared to the Rift's 90Hz. Rift S now uses LCD displays rather than the OLED displays in the original. OLED displays typically have richer colors and better contrast than LCD displays which makes them great for dark content, but LCD displays for VR have gotten better in the years since the Rift first launched, and bring some benefits of their own. Among the biggest benefits of moving to LCD over OLED is improved ‘fill-factor’ which means less screen door effect (the unlit space between pixels). The Rift S now incorporates its speakers into the Lenovo 'halo' head band. Lenovo were chosen as the manufacturing partners, primarily to speed up production. The Quest is an untethered headset, similar to the earlier Oculus Go device, but with better specs. It incorporates a lot of the new Rift S tech, including 6DOF, Insight, Passthrough+ and speakers integrated into the headband. Obviously, due to being untethered, it is not as powerful as having it connected to a PC with a GTX 1080Ti (for example). It uses a built-in Snapdragon 835 processor at its core (I wish they went for the 845, but I get it, they had to hit their £399 price point). The Quest has a resolution of 1440 × 1600 per-eye (2880 × 1600 total) using OLED screen technology, better than both Rift and Rift S. Is the Rift S better than the Rift? I would say certainly. Yes the Rift S has a lower refresh rate, but now it uses LCD panels instead of OLED panels, and therefore can actually benefit from a lower refresh rate. All other aspects are an improvement. If I had an Oculus Rift, would I upgrade to the Rift S. No. Although for people joining the world of VR, the Rift S is the better option (for tethered VR headsets). However, the Quest is a huge leap forward and brings a completely untethered, immersive experience. This is where the future of VR is heading. Now we just need the 'grunt' behind it. Both devices share the same new improved touch controllers. Both have better screen resolutions and fresnel lens than the Rift. Both are being shipped for $399 and £399 on 30th April, aligned with F8, the Facebook Developers Conference in San Jose. https://www.roadtovr.com/oculus-rift-s-vs-quest-specs-difference/

Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB £1249 at Dixons Travel (RRP £1449) (Heathrow)
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd MarLocalLocal
I actually got it when it was £1209 (same price as the 256GB version) but they increased it to £1249, still a good deal. Otherwise £1449 from Apple. You will need to reserve it a… Read more

If it helps (not me, i'm an Androider) you can get this from John Lewis for same price. https://www.johnlewis.com/apple-iphone-xs-max-ios-6-5-inch-4g-lte-sim-free-512gb/p3769080 Thanks for taking the time to post though OP.


Am I blind, but I do not see deal here?! (lol)


Same price amazon and J


I think that should be a prerequisite when you buy mobiles at this price range because as night turns to day someone that hasn't had the 'Treatment ' will say that its old and doesn't open a app 100000th sec as fast as the latest models do, therefore justifying paying silly money........


Or any kind of treatment plan?

Sonos play 1 at Dixons @ Heathrow T5 £129
Posted 10th MarPosted 10th MarLocalLocal
Great deal if you are flying out through Heathrow. You can place order for collection at arrival, which you can do if you are flying to EU. Also Sonos Playbar for £599 Sonos … Read more
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Why is dixens decreasing airport prices but local stores have the higher lol Normally airport prices r much expensive


the One (gen 1) has dropped in price to £179 as a gen 2 has just been released Still a good price for the gen 1 heat added


Yep £159 for the one today in T5


I guess this is the same at T2. Flying from there this week so I'll take a look.


Well... is sonos one worth to buy at this price?... will get a chance to check this friday :p

Samsung galaxy s9 / s9+ - £419 instore @ Dixons Travel (Belfast Airport)
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th MarLocalLocal
Samsung galaxy s9 / s9+ - £419 instore @ Dixons Travel (Belfast Airport)
Samsung galaxy s9 £419 and s9+ £519 at Dixons Belfast International Airport. Black and lilac colours definitely available, not sure about others

And somehow currys have increased the price by £100 what even lmao


S8 is less than £350 on ebay, new witjh 2 year Samsung warranty, Just look. Yes, it will be higher, but if you keep an eye out e.g. 10% discount days or offers, the deal will appear. I have paid no more than £353, for S6, S7 and S9 (I do not use any of them)! S9 was the most at £353.


The s8 is still selling for more than £350 from most (if not all) UK retailers so I wouldn't be confident of it dropping that far regularly.


Usually a few months after the release of the next phone, s10. You have to watch out for deals. Even check ebay 10% off days (on new phones). s6, s7 were definately £350 or less. S8, not sure, s9 worked out £353 (I purchased).



Bose Quiet Comfort 35ii - £249.99 @ Dixons Travel @ Birmingham Airport
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th MarLocalLocal
Passing through Birmingham Airport yesterday and spotted the Bose QC35 ii Wireless Noise cancelling headphones at a great price of £249.99. Gave them a test and they were incredibl… Read more

Hi there. I have C700s. Really wish I had the money for these!


Better than your current Sony’s? Which ones do you have?

Sony WH-1000XM2 New £179.99 @ Dixons Travel
Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Sony WH-1000XM2 New £179.99 @ Dixons Travel
Not the WH-1000XM3s but the older version XM2s. Brand new £179-99 at Dixons Travel,
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There you go for those who require some proof. :D


I work at Luton Airport if anyone wants a pair & is willing to collect


Highly recommended if you can get it! Had to wait for ages earlier this year for the price to get down to about £260 and I thought it was very good price then! Lovely pair of headphones to take, especially on long haul flights


Great price if you can get your hands on a pair. I would like to say, however, as an owner of the WH1000X, MK2, and now the MK3, for me the difference in the 2s and 3s is quite significant. The noise cancelling is a bit better but the audio for me just pops so much better, it's slimmer, lighter, and far more comfortable too. Plus USB C is awesome for all those up-to-date techies out there. I would advise the extra if you can afford it.


Staff at airports and airlines or anyone you know who might be travelling especially with Xmas coming up can get them but agree, quite a few people won't fit any of those categories.

Dixon's Travel Edinburgh Airport  (after departures/arrivals) (phone number in link) - Surface Pro 6 I5  + Keyboard deals from £729
Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Dixon's Travel Edinburgh Airport (after departures/arrivals) (phone number in link) - Surface Pro 6 I5 + Keyboard deals from £729
See image: I5 8GB RAM 128 SSD + keyboard £729 I5 8GB RAM 256 SSD + keyboard £879 (not in stock in store but they can check others) 1 year warranty 20% off accessories such as the… Read more

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Surface-12-3-Inch-Tablet/dp/B07HZHYWGJ £819.80 - maybe cheaper than getting a flight. But this deal is fine if you have already planned a journey through Edinburgh Airport.


Yes, think you would need to get through departures for this - have updated description


Can you get this deal without going through to departures? If not I assume you need to add on the cost of a ticket to somewhere even if you don’t go?

Google pixel 2 XL £419 (white) £439 (black) Dixons Travel
Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Google pixel 2 XL £419 (white) £439 (black) Dixons Travel
Dixon’s travel Heathrow T2 White for 419, black 439

Quality provides pricing power, look at Samsung & now Huawei. Apple too, but they rely even more on marketing & female aspirational needs...


Agree! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL.


Normal they always sell ex displays, which is what the top xl is.


awesome phone Sent from; Pixel 2 XL


Overpriced on day 1 and still overpriced for me.

Dixons Travel Advent Calendar Sale - Day 14 Save 20% on Audio-Technica ANC 33 Black
Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Dixons Travel Advent Calendar Sale - Day 14 Save 20% on Audio-Technica ANC 33 Black
From the 1st Dec up and till the 25th a different deal everyday. Credit to Spritelylight for posting yesterdays deal. Been keeping tabs on this but havent been impressed but was a… Read more
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Coming is soon apparently is this: https://www.dixonstravel.com/top-tech/philips-hue-white-and-colour-starter-kit-b22/ Going to be reduced by £40 - not sure which day but imminent


The T&Cs in the left hand menu says 'offers are only open to airport staff and are only valid with an airport pass'


Yes but not necessarily, as yesterdays deal appeared publicly and not every voucher has been stated as staff explicitly.Todays deal has been modified, sort of


These offers are for airport staff only and you would have to show an airport staff pass to get the deal.


Small print says you need to show an airport staff card to qualify. Good for anyone who has one of those.

Sony WH-1000X M3  at Dixons travel. £219.99 for today only.
Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
Sony wh-1000x m3 black reduced for Christmas at Dixons travel. Airport stores only in person. Flash sale for today only.
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Asked the guy in Bristol airport if he could honour it today but no dice unfortunately! :(


Edinburgh Dixon's staff surprised. Purchased. Deal confirmed.


Considering they’re not much more than last years model, this is a great price if you can get your hands on a pair. Using a 15% off voucher I managed to get some from Currys eBay for £280.49 , which is a good price but this deal is amazing.


Apologies. Updated now. Was not aware it was 1 day only.


Cracking headphones. If you can a pair for this price you have got an absolute bargain (y) (y) (y) (y) (y)

Phillips Hue Colour Starter Kit & Amazon Echo 2nd Gen £129.99 @ Dixon Travel at Belfast International Airport
Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Phillips Hue Colour Starter Kit & Amazon Echo 2nd Gen £129.99 @ Dixon Travel at Belfast International Airport
Came across this in Dixon Travel at Belfast International Airport last night - should be UK wide. Hue on their own seem to be better than any high street prices, plus they are giv… Read more

BFS have a 'VIP Sale' through out the next few weeks where they open the retail part - thats how I came across these, not sure if any other airports do this.


£5 ticket with Ryanair. Don't even get on the plane. Added bonus: You'll get £214 back in delayed flight compensation if you check in online.


So how do you buy these without going on an Aeroplane? :o

SONOS BEAM £329 instore @ Dixons Travel
Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
SONOS BEAM £329 instore @ Dixons Travel
Dixons travel have the sonos beam for £329 can be delivered to home address if traveling (according to website). You can call and reserve not sure if they will hold price you would… Read more

Now £ 359


Good price. Got mine for £322 via Currys / work discount scheme (8% off)


I can try to fix link but their website is pants. This would be instore.


There is a good reason for that


The link is dead..

Fitbit Charge 3 £99 at Dixon's at UK airports
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Fitbit charge 3 at Dixons Travel. It can be reserved online and collected at different locations/airports

This is the first time I hear Brexit will make prices to go lower.. Every day I learn new things. Happy days are coming :)


Voted COLD, wait for BREXIT and the real Duty Free should return to our Airports, not what is now no more than a brand name


Not too bad, I guess that's why the charge 2 has come down in price. These are also a good little deal: https://yogigolfer.com/collections/frontpage/products/fitness-tracker


Good at airport but otherwise no good to me but thanks for posting (y)


Get a £4.99 one way ticket, buy your fitbit, "miss" your flight and then go back..!?

Google Home Hub £89 at Dixons Travel - Manchester Airport
Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018LocalLocal
Google Home Hub £89 at Dixons Travel - Manchester Airport
Black Friday deals at Dixons Travel in Manchester Airport, so possibly at others too. This is the cheapest I've seen it, which was handy as I was looking to buy one anyway! I end… Read more
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True, didn't think of them.


It is but I was thinking about staff who work at the airport


I was thinking about staff who work at the airport.


Manchester airport have run out of them in all terminals as of this morning but they still lei me order one for collection another day or home delivery.


They have them on the airport's website too here https://shop.manchesterairport.co.uk/shop/cat/technology/?pageIndex=0&pageSize=24&useBase=brands&sort=priceasc&searchString=&brands=Google,&colours=&category3Names=&minPrice=&maxPrice= Think their free fast track ticket offer is still on too? Was posted in here a while ago but looks like it's still on

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