DIY Electro Dough Kit @ NotOnTheHighStreet £15 + £3.75 del (£18.75)

DIY Electro Dough Kit @ NotOnTheHighStreet £15 + £3.75 del (£18.75)

Found 20th Jun 2015
Around £20 on Amazon and eBay, so a decent price. I think you may have to provide you own play=doh, but you can use almost anything else, even chocolate cake!

Create shapes, make your favourite animals, construct cities using electronic play dough that you make yourself!

Good for beginners, ages four and up (with supervision).

Use our Electrodough recipe book to make your own conductive and non conductive dough using everyday household items. Then start to understand how circuits work whilst making fun and interesting creations.

Create your own sculptures and scenes using your homemade dough. Then bring them to life with LED eyes, buzzing bodies and silly switches.

Take a hands-on approach to learning circuitry by building structures and scenery from playdough and electric components.

Let your imagination run wild and use play dough in unique ways to complete your circuit – make it as simple or as complicated as you like.

made from:
Dough, plastic and electrical components.
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I understand this stuff also stays a little warm. Great for sticking to landing gear when travelling long haul.
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