Dizolve laundry sheets 20 washes £2 @ Morissons

Dizolve laundry sheets 20 washes £2 @ Morissons

LocalFound 3rd Feb 2013
Traditional Liquid Laundry Detergent is big and bulky. The bottles are heavy and hard to pour, making them messy. Dizolve sheets are a breeze. Just grab a thin little sheet and throw it in. No mess, no fuss.

Traditional Liquid Laundry Detergent has a high carbon footprint. Dizolve has a small carbon footprint.

In short, Dizolve Laundry Sheets are a good thing. I love this saying from Dizolve;

“Dizolve Laundry Detergent Sheets not only make your life easier, it gives Mother Nature a second breath!”
Half price 20 washes for £2!
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Hot from me. My Supermarket has price ranges from £4.99 and upwards. Might get these for holidays, a lot easier to carry than liquid or liquitabs!!
BUT!!! Do they do the job, I have never heard of them.......Like the idea.....Please comment on product
I have been using them for weeks and they are great, yeah there is the odd stain that doesn't come out but that happens with the big brands, so easy to use and loads less packaging and at 10p a wash fantastic price!
Cheers camew, I.ll give them a go, at the price not a lot to lose. Cheers
If anyone wants to save the environment & money go buy soap nuts, use them over & over again then when used up boil em up to extract the last bits & use as soap.

Worth trying if you've never heard of them, if you like a clean smell then you'll need fabric conditioner still as soap nuts leave clothes with no real smell at all.

Hot for this deal
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I have used these and find them excellent for my daughters work coats, (sweet factory) always comes home with them all sticky. I got them from semichem for £1 20 sheets, then they stopped stocking them. Wish I knew where else sold them, have been looking out for them no luck yet.
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