DJ Hero 1 & 2 With Turntable For PS3 & Xbox 360 - £39.99 Delivered @ Game

DJ Hero 1 & 2 With Turntable For PS3 & Xbox 360 - £39.99 Delivered @ Game

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Picking up where the award-winning DJ Hero soundtrack left off, DJ Hero 2 spins together the hottest tracks blazing up the charts and legendary club anthems from the biggest artists in pop, dance and hip hop including Dr. Dre, The Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and over 85 others. Fuelling the party will be a host of all-new social multiplayer game modes and innovative freestyle gameplay giving virtual DJ’s the ability to crossfade, scratch and sample in over 70 speaker-blowing mashups from the hottest DJ’s and Producers around the world, including Deadmau5 – part of dance music’s elite – who will be starring as an in-game playable character.



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what platform?

I expect this to drop in price mega quick now that Activision has shut down its music division. Once the DLC is out the door then that will be the last form of content ever released. It's a crying shame. If Acti hadn't milked Guitar Hero to death then DJ Hero would have had a chance to take over from it and become successful.

Online only or instore too?

As with so many peripheral-based games in the industry, Activision put the noose around their own neck by pricing the game and instruments so highly. It completely eliminated the market of casual gamers, who aren't going to spend anywhere between £60 and £130 for a music-based party game.

I would not be at all surprised if Harmonix can their Rock Band range next, with the price of the latest installment (Rock Band 3) and the simply incredulous price of the peripherals (£100 for a miniature keyboard and a copy of the game? GTFO).

Such a shame but realistically, with the amount of R&D the companies put into the instruments, they could only make their money back by pricing high and that has proven their downfall imo.

Regards to the deal, very hot. I have been looking for the game and my mate paid £70 in HMV just after Christmas for this.

good deal...i would buy it but i trying to save some money
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