DJ Hero 2 (inc turntable)  PS3 £39.70 instore at Tesco

DJ Hero 2 (inc turntable) PS3 £39.70 instore at Tesco

Found 15th Dec 2010Made hot 15th Dec 2010
Popped into the Martlesham Tesco Extra today and they had DJ Hero 2 including the turntable for £39.70 advertised as "£60 off". Maybe store specific and there were only 4 on the shelf but definitely worth a shot at that price. Couldn't see any 360 ones and it was busy as hell so didn't stop to ask.


Did this one have Dj Hero 1 included with it as well?

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Sorry, don't know on that one. It was hellishly busy so didn't hang around long enough to check.

This is £55 in my local Tesco and the game only is £39.70.

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It was definitely the whole package including the turntable - it was in the big box with a big sign saying '£60 off'. As I said it might be store specific but it was on one of the displays at the end of an aisle as you go in.

£55 in my local tesco. DJ Hero 1 was £40.

Fantastic deal if you can get it.

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Noticed that it is now back up to £55 - obviously a mistake,

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