DJ Hero + Turntable (Wii) £20 Second Hand @ CeX (Online & Instore)
DJ Hero + Turntable (Wii) £20 Second Hand @ CeX (Online & Instore)

DJ Hero + Turntable (Wii) £20 Second Hand @ CeX (Online & Instore)

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Seems a decent price.

I know it's only around £40 new but this is half the price for those that wanna give it a try. Saw this in my local today (Stockport) and there are 6 available online (at time of posting).

Free delivery if purchased online.

£30+ on the other formats.


will never buy from cex, 2 of my previous orders were cancelled eventhough payment was taken and i had to chase it for almost a month to get my money back.

they are all over the place so I think i'll be visiting my nearest one soon as I get paid...Cheers heat and rep added

I'm also done with CeX. They actually sent me a counterfeit DVD for my last order!:x. Well actually it was a counterfeit DVD box containing a CD (not even a DVD!) of something completely different. The day after that I received an Xbox game I'd ordered around the same time as the DVD. Game box contained the wrong game and no manual! :x. Totally shocking service, they're a bunch of cowboys!. I warn everyone to stay clear. Prior to these two orders I'd had several similar experiences with them. I had put it down to one off cock ups etc and wasn't too bothered because the prices were reasonable. But now I know what they're all about and will never be back.

Cheap prices because the discs are usually scratched and won't play.

I've had 3 faulty games from them which they say I scratched and purchased an xbox 360 from them and the control pad had stiff buttons. When I returned it they said I had swapped the pad. Bunch of *******!

Sorry if that seems harsh but I can't understand how a retail store that hires people with zero customer service skills and pride themselves on "I know best" can survive and the small indi stores where you get people who are passionate about games and their customers go out of business.

I have one in my town that's decent but forget ordering online, I've been sent wrong games, wrong cases, empty cases, scratched up discs, etc. Their prices are tempting sometimes but then I remember my previous experiences, do not bother ordering from these guys online, you will most likely regret it.

Not had a problem ordering from then online as yet.

Just go instore and you should be fine.


Just go instore and you should be fine.

Completely agree - been a customer for years now and everything fine (albeit very slow queues)

Their online is shocking though - took over a month for one order to be dispatched!

Go into the store, there are loads around


Just go instore and you should be fine.

are you sure about that?
I bought a game and realized that had no manual in store asked for refund straight away and they denied!!!! I am pretty sure that this is illegal though... I was in a hurry and had to accept a voucher as they claimed they could not give my money back.

DONT USE THERE ONLINE SERVICE.....its really really really really reallly reallllllly BAD !!!!!
You problarly chasing your order, and they say 28days, it will problarly come on 27th day......you have been warn. Will vote on the price...but not the service....

cex online are very poor and can not be trusted always messing up the orders and lying
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