Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 June 2023.
Posted 20 June 2023

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) + Care Refresh + Spare Battery £859 @ DJI

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DJI are having a "DJI Store Day" from the 26th - 30th June. If you purchase a Mini 3 Pro you will also get Care Refresh 2 year plan (Normally £119) and a spare battery (Normally £49).
DJI More details at
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  1. KiNG's avatar
    wonder will this include other retailers as well. its a shame usa gets this for £130 less than uk.
    james2k66's avatar
    Us prices don't show sales tax. Invalid comparison
  2. _Sparky_'s avatar
    A great deal! The Care Refresh is worth having. Last year I crashed my Mini 3 Pro in to a tree. Stuck at the top! Went back next day and luckily it had fallen to the ground. One of the arms was damaged so got the whole drone replaced using Care Refresh. I think I had to pay a fee of about £65 which ain't bad.

    Dusted my drone off at the weekend for it's first flight of the year. Not the most exciting video but here's some sample footage:

    nazx's avatar
    Nice video what mode are you recording in?

    I’m planning to take my mini 3 pro on a summer beech vacation abroad debating whether to get refresh added haven’t activated drone yet still in box!

    Have flown a mini 1 and mini 2 before but those where cheaper drones!! (edited)
  3. indigo2004's avatar
    does anybody know how to remove the restrictions?
    i tried to fly my mini 3 pro next to anfield to film the new stand but the drone just would not take off. any easy way to remove it?
    jools19's avatar
    You will need to get DJI to unlock @ fly-safe.dji.com/unlock. Idiots keep flying them in stupid places as you've prob seen in news recently, so you have to fill in a form, easy enough to do.
  4. Matholwch's avatar
    Care refresh is a must! Although getting a 2yr policy is even better, but this is a deal for a single year (so don't sniff). You can claim 2 fly-aways (or total destruction). I've sent it for a repair estimate (don't automatically request a replacement), they sent me a brand new replacement without making a care refresh claim (and no 'excess' of £65) as a goodwill gesture, after my drone crashed into some tree branches when it traversed sideways (no sensor coverage on the side).

    DJI Care refresh is amazing, very well worth the money.
    Gerbs's avatar
    Gerbs Author
    100% agree that Care Refresh is worth it and this deal includes the 2 year policy not 1 unless there is some weird T&C's I didn't see

  5. ozwozuk's avatar
    Ordered this morning. Just noticed that delivery times have slipped till August due to stock shortages of the gifted battery. Had to contact support to get them to split the order so the drone shipped sooner. Should be here later this week now.
    gula_p's avatar
    Can you share the the contact details
  6. DistortedVision's avatar
    I paid almost half that for my first car!
    john733's avatar
    How was that to fly? Any good?
  7. Gerbs's avatar
    Gerbs Author
    This is a super weird article. Someone who doesn't know the rules, has no operator ID etc etc yet is flying a commercial drone if the image is to be believed.
    Would not surprise me in the least that this is a staged event ( same as the Gatwick one years ago ) which would then bring in more restrictions and control. Unsurprisingly, it's from the BBC.
  8. medialook's avatar
    I want this drone but still think it's overpriced at this time.
  9. Yazoo1990's avatar
    Isn't prime day next month? So potential price drop
  10. Eagerbeaver's avatar
    Damn, whenever I've crashed my drone (also known as a hard landing), my drone hasn't suffered as much as a scratch so never been able to claim. We all know what's going to happen the first time I get a drone without Care Refresh.
    Matholwch's avatar
    I've already have a Mini 3 Pro, but managed to 'bag' the Mini 3 Argos deal (mainly as I wanted the RC), I've still not activated or used the drone, but the Care refresh on the Mini 3 is much cheaper than the Pro.
  11. fozzy17's avatar
    The Argos deal was better? With fly more kit
  12. onthequiet's avatar
    Can get 20% off 1st Very.co.uk order. Can get Mini 3 Pro + Fly More for around this price.
    Gerbs's avatar
    Gerbs Author
    I would rather buy from Amazon or direct from DJI. I've had awful experiences with Very and trying to return something.
  13. valueadd101's avatar
    Great drone, if you’re up for it get the extended battery and adds 50% to your flight time (not really usable in the UK, but abroad it’s great)
    vornstar13's avatar
    Why isn't it usable in the UK?
  14. MrSweeney's avatar
    Fyi - if anyone has hit this problem it's been fixed with a new update released only just over an hour ago in V.1.10.6 (except for iOS devices using the mobile phone remote control apparently)

  15. ciarandanielbyrne1's avatar
    What SD card do you put in the drone?
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