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Posted 25 November 2022

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) £773.10 @ Drone Safe Store

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    Seems to be the cheapest Black Friday price for this, brand new, unopened, although still potentially cheaper through Very.co.uk if you're able to take advantage of their 20% off WELCOME code and don't mind signing up to their credit agreement - which I'm tempted to do and then pay off straight away.

    Do we think it'll get any cheaper on cyber-monday or this likely to be the peak discount!?
    Going down that route. Maybe worth adding the fly more kit too and get discount on top?
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    Drone safe are a great team to buy from with good customer service to back it up
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    Anyone with experience on these. Wanting to get one, am I able to fly on the beach without any issues. Not sure what rules are :/
    I owned the Mini 2 and then bought the Mini 3 at launch with flymore combo, £1,300.

    Personally, if you have the Mini 2 don't bother upgrading. I feel a bit ripped off.

    If new to this, then watch some YouTube videos, loads of information. In short, because the drone is sub 250g you don't need a license and you fly with common sense, so on a beach is fine, but not over crowds - again common sense.
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    I've owned mine since July (£859 on Amazon back then; also bought the fly more package for more batteries and repair insurance). This is the best prosumer drone on the market in my opinion. Larger than average camera sensor gives fantastic dynamic range in photos and videos. Super software makes flying and landing a cinch. It's less than 250g so no caa license required (worth taking the test anyway to learn what pilot rules are none the less) and can fly almost anywhere.
    Highly recommended.
    You do need to register as an operator, as despite it being sub 250g it has a camera. (edited)
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    Nice to see dronesafe finally be allowed deals on here!!
    Why were they not allowed?
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    Drone Safe cheapest? I do not think so. It was with free 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro card (see printscreen) but they changed their maind without reason. FINALLY i did not buy
    The same with BOX, they advertised false offer for Ł899 but it was not awailable to buy and finally they changed for standard price Ł949. Finally it was not possible to buy FOR Ł899.

    48840514-GLIFn.jpgBLACK FRIDAY OFFERS guys ;)))
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    Range on these is limited to ~5-700metres due to 100mw CE limits imposed.
    You need to keep line of sight legally. 500m is plenty far! I have flown mine in countryside 1km away from high vantage point.
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    Damn it just bought the drone alone for £650 from DJI
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    The company is suspect.

    It says it includes a hard case and a free SD card on the page, however they are now stating that it doesn't when the order arrives😵
    They say it was a leftover from a previous sale, but the text is still there even now :/ (edited)