DJI Phantom 4 £629.30 @ Maplin

DJI Phantom 4 £629.30 @ Maplin

£629.30Maplin Deals
LocalFound 9th Mar
Product overview

High capacity 5350mAh 4S battery gives a flight time of up to 28 minutes so you can enjoy longer stretches in the sky
Without a permit, the legal range for a drone to fly is below 120m and always in the line of sight from the operator, the software will limit this drone to flying 120m above take off point to stay in line with regulations
Check out The Drone Code or The IAA (ROI) for everything you need to be aware of when flying your drone
4K resolution camera gives you Ultra-HD recording for clearer videos and awesome aerial photography shots
Three-axis gimbal giving you a more accurate rotation of the camera
Advanced autopilot gives you the option to automatically take off, rise to a pre-set height and return to the starting position with the press of a button
Front obstacle sensors allows the drone to react to and avoid obstacles in its path
Download the DJI Pilot app to live stream your flight to YouTube so you can show your flying ability to your friends

Download the DJI Pilot app so you can live view your footage
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Good deal??
Hooksy761 h, 46 m ago

Good deal??

Meh. Ok deal but don’t forget, Maplin aren’t accepting any returns / giving refunds so be 100% sure before buying.
Hooksy763 h, 42 m ago

Good deal??

I think it's a mega deal. Been after one of these for a while. I'll take a chance on this with a credit card
Amazing price.. It's showing over £800 for me.though
marksmithy20022 h, 26 m ago

Amazing price.. It's showing over £800 for me.though

For some reason it’s gone back up in price which is strange. Looks like all there drones have since yesterday?
Just picked mine up from Forest Hill Maplin. Took them 20 minutes to put it all through because of the price change. Closing down sale was pathetic. Still though, pleased with it. Opened it in store as there are no returns unless faulty.
They also had a the Phantom 4 Pro briefly for £966. Noticed Amazon had identical deal but out of stock. Decided to go with Amazon just in case of any issues. When the price went back up with Maplin, so did Amazon! Interesting!
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