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Red Beginner Soprano Ukulele Including Free Bag - 11.99 from DJM Music
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
Red Beginner Soprano Ukulele Including Free Bag - 11.99 from DJM Music
Just picked up one of these for the kids, looked a decent price and the case is a bonus! Think the deal may be expiring soon (not sure) so may have to be quick!
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£13.99 with free delivery from this company on ebay. I've got a red one. Good for the price, but doesn't stay in tune very well.


+£2.29 Delivery

Ukulele £15.29 delivered! @
Found 23rd Jun 2014Found 23rd Jun 2014
Ukulele £15.29 delivered! @
Spotted while browsing but certainly worth a buy for this price. Available in 4 colours, already only 2 colours left. Awesome for festivals or just a bit of fun at home.
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Good find. Thanks for the eBay link as well..


Cheers OP. Got a red one from their ebay store for £13.99 -


Tonight Matthew I'm gonna be Joe Brown at the Concert for George (Harrison) doing I'll See You in My Dreams .... in my dreams I think ...

Teak Didgeridoo - 57% off, Daily Deal @ DJM Music!! £13+£4.99 postage
Found 22nd May 2014Found 22nd May 2014
Teak Didgeridoo - 57% off, Daily Deal @ DJM Music!! £13+£4.99 postage
This stunning Didgeridoo is carved from sustainable teak wood and decorated with a hand painted design. No two are alike and this beautiful didgeridoo has a warm, full tone. Great … Read more

I use mine like a massive straw and make giant cocktails at home. I get drunk often.


Do you use this like the Pied Piper.


I met this bloke with a didgeridoo and he was playing Dancing Queen on it. I thought: 'That's Aboriginal.' :-)


Doubt we'd see an Aborigines opinion on the style of play but it was a good listen

Reeferman <---- amazing players great price my kids love these we have 2 only thing thats hard is learning the breathing while you play

Full size Acoustic Guitar £38.99 + £4.99 delivery @ DJM Music
Found 16th Oct 2013Found 16th Oct 2013
Full size Acoustic Guitar £38.99 + £4.99 delivery @ DJM Music
This fantastic Martin Smith W-100 Acoustic Guitar Package is ideal for beginners or students looking for an affordable guitar that plays & sounds great, and comes complete with… Read more
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I have had hands on with multiples of these actual guitars , I setup, repair and sell guitars for a living and unfortunately I see these every so often. These guitars, just like many other sub £60 steel acoustic guitars tend to suffer the following problems. - High action ( never setup, poor intonation so will play notes sharp) . -They often come with corroded strings which are rough and hurt fingers, - very dry fretboard, this causes many of the frets to start lifting which also causes playing problems. The frets are also often rough on the edges which , if you look at your fingers, leave lots of cuts when playing up/down the neck. -The bridge is also often very dry and poorly glue which then lifts after time. Machine heads have poor gearing which have lots of slack/wiggle. Contrary to what many say, a guitar going out of tune is rarely to do with the guitar itself but down to the strings not being stretched in. ALL guitars will go out of tune to some degree due to change in temp/humidity/weather. To reduce issues with tuning, stretch the strings in by GENTLY pulling on each string, tune up, repeat 3/4 times until it stays in tune after pulling it. Will every single guitar by this company have these problems? No, nothing is absolute, but the percentage is very high which is why any proper music shop wouldn't touch them with a barge pole due to the numbers of returns. The other problem with buying 'blind' online is that a guitar is a very personal thing. People are all built differently , shape,size, hands etc. Without physically being able to try the guitar you won't know if it has the right body shape to suit you or neck profile to suit your hands. This will have a massive effect on your ability to comfortably play the instrument . And finally, guitars shipped from online will not be setup (especially cheapo ones) . Pricier ones may have had a factory setup but after a courier throws it around this is easily undone. Without a proper setup, the guitar will not play in tune up the neck, also hampering your ability to play it. If you want to learn, great, but give yourself a proper chance and hold a few guitars in your hand first so you know what you're buying! There are plenty of reasonable starter acoustics around the £79 mark that will do the job and still be worth something should you decide to give up. Tanglewood are releasing two ranges for Christmas which are great and ONLY available on the high street , not online. We can sell them for around £80 and the equivalent model online retails for around £139 ( same guitar , different model number)


This would be fine to learn on too, there is a benefit even to learning on a guitar that isn't fantastic quality, you try to push it more to sound better. I leant on an old 60's acoustic with ridiculously high action that really strengthened my fingers and required tuning quite often. This will be worlds easier and the jump from this to an electric will do wonders for your playing which you will find out if you continue with yours. For this, it might be good, it might not. It won't matter.


Its symmetrical so thats a good start if you want to convert it to a lefty. At the very least the nut would need replacing for a left handed one to reverse the strings. Ideally the bridge would also need replacing for proper intonation but I never did that on my first converted guitar back in the 70's and it sounded OK for basic play. The guitar itself has a spruce soundboard which is good for a low end model but amazon uk reviews suggest the overall quality isn't great so you may want to consider other makes.


You could go into politics, lots of complaints, with no alternative suggestions, it's all very well complaining that a product is no good for whatever reason, without suggesting an alternative, even if it is more expensive - to 'know' this product is rubbish really implies you most know why and know of better. Granted this guitar could be pants (not least because Argos, Tesco, Asda etc. have sold it at one time or another) - you haven't even mentioned if you've actually tried one, or are simply making up an opinion based on something you've read? To be honest I'm learning guitar to help with music for my kids home education, I've no doubt it's not the best, but there's a whole lot to learning guitar that doesn't require spending £100s or £1000s, and it's very much a personal thing whether you get on with a particular guitar, my cheapie requires more tuning than I would like, but sounds good when tuned and is easily played and yet would probably fit into your 'firewood' category. mike


You can get left handed guitars, but, they are generally more expensive and less variations/models available. Also, most song books will have chords/tab laid out for right handed players apart from specialist leftie chord books. Some lefthanded players can't get on with a right handed guitar at all , but in my experience, as it's all new to them and your left hand is what's doing the harder work (forming chord shapes) they can usually play right handed just fine. At the end of the day, both hands do 'stuff' on a guitar

DJ Music are selling a Piano drum/ Kalimba for £144.00
Found 27th May 2013Found 27th May 2013
DJ Music are selling a Piano drum/ Kalimba for £144.00
Kalimba piano drum instrument with pickup for sale at DJ for £144.oo incl vat

As expensive as it is, these do sound awesome:


They might have them for sale but at that price I doubt they sell many! Not sure how they can justify the £120 premium just because it has a £10 pickup in it.

REALLY CHEAP CAPO £6.19 plus 3.99 delivery @DJM MUSIC
Found 19th May 2013Found 19th May 2013
REALLY CHEAP CAPO £6.19 plus 3.99 delivery @DJM MUSIC

it's not really cheap though, is it you get those things made of webbing and plastic for pennies it is rather sexy though, especially for the money, well worth it if you happened to be buying other stuff anyway


A capo is something that's worth spending more than four of five quid on - it will last ages if it's well made, and the intonation is pretty damn important. I used to look down on people using them, as I didn't need to, but after some time I noticed it opens up a lot of possibilities. Long live the guitar 8)


DJM sell Tiger capos' on Amazon for £3.99 and £1.39 postage. £3.99 postage is terribly high for a small lightweight item


Fair enough! I love using them on my guitar. Opens you up to some new ideas and sounds!


I had to do a google search to work out what it does. Amazing had no idea this sort of thing existed.

Casio keyboard with adapter £58 at DJM Music
Found 3rd May 2013Found 3rd May 2013
Casio keyboard with adapter £58 at DJM Music
Amazing price for a casio keyboard only £58 + £4.50 delivery, half price!

Really good deal, just paid more for a CTK-240...

Ukulele sale! White mahalo ukulele and bag £12.50 at DJM Music
Found 2nd May 2013Found 2nd May 2013
Ukulele sale! White mahalo ukulele and bag £12.50 at DJM Music
Amazing ukulele at £12.50 with £2.15 delivery includes bag and comes in white Total price = £14.65. - DaveWallace

i'm going to learn how to play before i tackle the guitar.It could be a long job


Let's just say... I have tried it for the past half an hour and my fingers are KILLING me and I have no idea how to get 2 chords in a row, let alone 3... It will look nice as an ornament all the same! Good deal, not for the feint hearted!


yep i am aware, but as for a guitar player with 20+yrs experience - this shouldn`t be a drama;))) we`ll see;)


Decent resource for beginners on the net...


Thanks Op! Ordered :)

Ear Plugs only 0.19p a pair + 1.39 delivery at DJM Music
Found 18th Apr 2013Found 18th Apr 2013
Ear Plugs only 0.19p a pair + 1.39 delivery at DJM Music
Only 19p for a pair of ear plugs, postage is 1.39 so probably best to buy a few to get your money's worth, made by moldex mellows
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I dare you to put up a deal on HUKD for £100 earplugs!!!


If you wear ear plugs often be a friend to yourself, and the environment, and buy some moulded ones, for about £100 you have far superior ear protection and they can last 15yrs or more!

Rockburn Left handed bass guitar (black) only £89.99 from
Found 4th Apr 2013Found 4th Apr 2013
Rockburn Left handed bass guitar (black) only £89.99 from
The Rockburn Left-Handed Bass Guitar is an absolutely perfect choice for beginners & intermediate players requiring an affordable, yet reliable & impressive Bass that looks… Read more
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Hot. I think a good rule is, if you can put it straight on eBay and make a profit it is hot


hot I think as I have heard left handed ones can be more expensive


its left handed?? how will that be any good for me?

Kids recorders only £1.99 + £1.39 delivery @ djm music
Found 4th Apr 2013Found 4th Apr 2013
Kids recorders only £1.99 + £1.39 delivery @ djm music
Great price for this instrument, will be idea for children because of the available colours

Cheaper in Asda.


At a glance I thought this was another lovehoney post.


Good price. heat added! If it keeps the kids happy who cares about tge headache.


took the words right out of my mouth


Instant headache.

DJM Music Sale on Ukuleles! Amazing price for Uke and Bag £11.29
Found 25th Feb 2013Found 25th Feb 2013
DJM Music Sale on Ukuleles! Amazing price for Uke and Bag £11.29
Amazing Ukes from just £11.29!! I haven't posted much before but this was too good to resist :-) plus £2.75 delivery - Bigred01
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White one arrived just now. Can't really say much, for the price, I'm happy with it :).


It's still going, unexpire this deal!! I just bought: 'Tiger Beginner Soprano Ukulele and Bag - White' by Tiger Music


These colours are still available - premature expiration!


Its Oos


Put a set of Aquila strings on this and you will have a very playable uke.

Kindle Mighty Brite XtraFlex 2 Black from  DJM Music £ 11.74 inc. VAT Delivery From: £ 1.79 (UK Mainland) Cheapest online.
Found 13th Dec 2011Found 13th Dec 2011
Kindle Mighty Brite XtraFlex 2 Black from DJM Music £ 11.74 inc. VAT Delivery From: £ 1.79 (UK Mainland) Cheapest online.
Mighty Brite XtraFlex 2 ideal for kindle cheapest I've found on the net.

That's not a XtraFlex 2 is the XtraFlex


Same style as Poundland, Poundland one has a oblong head not curved


Mighty Bright Blue Xtraflex LED Book Light £9.45 from Amazon click here


poundland....even looks the same.

Awesome Ukuleles SALE £14.99 @ DJM Music
Found 5th Jan 2011Found 5th Jan 2011
Awesome Ukuleles SALE £14.99 @ DJM Music
Amazing little ukuleles! There are loads of colours to choose from, start the new year by learning a new hobby! This store may not be the cheapest (so please no comments like "It… Read more
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Check out my favourite Ukelele King 'Jeff Japers' and his band 'Gaudy Orde' on YouTube:


Pointless crap post, I have a suggestion of where you could stick your Amazing little ukuleles :{




As previously said Normans are on most local authorities contracted supplier lists as they offer a decent price/quality ratio.


UKULELE! Get your Hawaiian on! £19.37 @ DJM Music
Found 27th Jul 2010Found 27th Jul 2010
UKULELE! Get your Hawaiian on! £19.37 @ DJM Music
Cheap Ukulele for you to play with!
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Cheaper else where, my local shop does them for £15


THIS is a ukelele:[image missing]Great price though. Hot.


Turned out nice agen dint it?


[pedant]George Formby played a banjolele[/pedant] The pink version of this comes in @ £18:37


If you think the Ukelele is S**T heres something to put George Formby to shame. the second one is Briliant. I wanna Beee Anarcheeee!

Drum Stool - 2" Padded & free drum sticks £21.95 DELIVERED
Found 8th Sep 2009Found 8th Sep 2009
Drum Stool - 2" Padded & free drum sticks £21.95 DELIVERED
This comfortable, padded 2" Drum Stool is one of our best selling drum thrones here at DJM & absolutely ideal for any beginner or student drummer on a budget. Featuring a robus… Read more