Doberman Personal Alarm Pink or Orange Power Button just £4.99 Each Whistles Also £4.99 Each Ex Deli
Doberman Personal Alarm Pink or Orange Power Button just £4.99 Each Whistles Also £4.99 Each Ex Deli

Doberman Personal Alarm Pink or Orange Power Button just £4.99 Each Whistles Also £4.99 Each Ex Deli

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This Doberman Personal Alarm Pink Power Button is just £4.99 excluding delivery form Amazon. Make up your order to £14.94 to qualify for free delivery...

* Simply Hit the button to sound the alarm and lights.
* Adjustable Strap.
* Includes both alarm and safety flashing light function.
* Bright flashing lights can be seen up to one mile away.
* Splash Proof.
* Powerful, high pitched 100 decibel alarm.

Also Available [search by ASIN numbers below]: Doberman Electronic Self Defense Whistle in Pink B000GGHQSW or Orange B000GGFY2W and Doberman Personal Alarm Orange B000GGHQT6 Power Button


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Note: This review refers to the Doberman Personal Alarm Button onlyVery excited to review this product. Short background – I go horse riding quite a bit and often go out for rides alone, and it’s always been a concern of mine I may fall off and no-one can find me and then there is also dog walking in the winter mornings and evenings in the dark too, say no more.
I used to have a rather chunky heavy alarm my Mum used to make me carry around in my school days, if anything had ever happened not sure I could’ve dug deep into my bag to get it out quick enough. Needless to say – it rarely got used or taken out.
To the rescue comes the Doberman Power Button.
So the "Doberman" a lightweight button, which fits onto your arm with an elastic strap – from a distance it could be mistaken for an MP3 player. So for a personal alarm it’s still got a little street cred.
To activate you simply push the button and the alarm and the light start. The noise is quite piercing, and I haven’t tested if the light can be seen a mile away, as I haven’t found a road long enough but it is quite bright. As it’s on your arm it’s also easy to reach and find, if you should become flustered or panicked.
Also the alarm is waterproof but I’ve only been out in a light shower which is what the manufacturer suggests and it was fine, I don’t think it’s meant for torrential rain which is fine as I don’t plan to be out in hazardous weather.
I now as a result of having my "Doberman" feel safer whilst out riding and walking the dog, and recommend it to anyone who is out-of-doors during the day or night and wants a little extra piece of mind. Plus it’s cheaper than running a real Doberman and I can stick with the Westie.
I should also mention that my friend liked mine so much that she has got one for herself and her daughter. Not only all the above but it also comes in various fun colours. So go have fun outdoors and be safe. --Danielle Smith, Amazon.co.uk

Manufacturer's Description
Crime and Personal safety is a concern for everyone.Whether you are jogging, running, hiking, or simply walking home, the Doberman range offers the perfect personal protection solution for you. We are constantly bombarded with news reports of increasing crime figures, attacks, and robbery. Understandably, a higher percentage of the British public are very worried about violent crime.
Doberman Security is an exciting range of Personal Protection devices that offer protection for you and your property in any busy or remote environment, during activity, and everyday use.
Figures from the British Crime Survey show the number of robberies at the end of last year had increased by 6% compared to 2004, and there is a 23% chance of being a victim of crime in Britain. Naturally there is a rise in the number of people who are very worried about crime and the demand for products that can give peace of mind has never been higher. Doberman combines it's two most innovative and unique Active items in the Alarm Combo, designed for protection and reassurance. The Power Button and the Electronic Whistle offer comprehensive security for your active lifestyle. Take the Power Button on your daily workout routine and put the Whistle in your purse or strap it to your bag. Whether it's your child walking to the bus stop alone or taking that daily jog, no matter where you go, the Power Combo is at your side!

Thanks for this Ray

Certainly worth £4.99.. Cant see the point in voting cold.


Thanks ray, a really good price for something like this ... very practical too with the strap! :thumbsup:
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