Docking Station For Apple iPod With Alarm Clock Radio / Black * Version 2 * - £14.99 delivered at Play.com
Docking Station For Apple iPod With Alarm Clock Radio / Black * Version 2 * - £14.99 delivered at Play.com

Docking Station For Apple iPod With Alarm Clock Radio / Black * Version 2 * - £14.99 delivered at Play.com

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Crystal-clear stereo sound through dual full-range speakers makes this Docking Station perfect for the bedside. Compatible with all iPods, as well as other audio devices via the AUX connection, you'll positively enjoy waking up in the mornings!

This little Docking Station is packed full of features, making it ideal as an alarm clock, iPod dock and general music player and radio. And with its sleek and stylish design it looks good in any room of the house.

# Great quality sound.
# Wake up feeling fresh with your favorite tunes, from your iPod or radio.
# Beeper function for those who need a kick-start to the day.
# Bass and Treble controls to find a sound that's perfect for your tastes.
# Back-up battery for the clock saves your settings when the power outs.
# Dimmable backlit LCD - looks cool and won't keep you up at night.
# Full-function remote control- access your music from the comfort of your bed.
# Snooze function for those extra few minutes in bed.
# Compatibility with all docking iPods. Charge and listen at the same time.
# Connect your audio device of choice with the AUX connection.
# Built in FM radio with 20 presets, sure to cater to any tastes.
# Dual alarm facility to make doubly sure you make that meeting.


I bought one of these at christmas for the same price mines in the bin now. sound is rubbish and when you attach your ipod not very good fit either, have to wiggle your ipod to get a connection

Got one of these, they're well worth the money.

Use it with an iphone 3g, every night for the last year just to charge it at night when i go to bed.... it's rare I need to charge it through the day.

Some people will get an annoying clicking noise when the phone tries to search for a network - if your network keeps changing, dont use this for an iphone, it'll drive you mad. It only happens at my place, maybe once a week. You can put it into airplane mode, though (it prompts you when you put it on the dock).

The sound is decent out of it too, but it's only £15, so dont expect the best quality - plenty good enough, if your using it as background music for when your getting ready to go out, etc.

bought mine earlier in the year, already in the bin - horrible bit of kit. don't waste your money.

I got one free with my iPod Touch. It broke after a month.

I bought a JBL on Stage instead and it sounds 500% better

Bought 2 ages ago dont use either its crap.

Its not too bad and it will charge your iphone although it comes up "this is not compatible with iphone" message. Set it to Flight mode overnight if you dont want any network noise

Very bright display though, even if you use the dimmer

£14.99 is just about right pricewise.


I bought this for the same price and the speaker quality is superb.

Bought one of these a few weeks ago. For the money, it is ok. I use it as an alarm clock and occasionally playing music. Sound quality isnt great but it is acceptable for what I use it for.

Recently bought a logitech dock from play which was £29.99. The sound quality is far superior for the money and it has alarm clock functionality.

That being said, I am still using the £14.99 one as an alarm because you can wake up to radio, buzzer, or your ipod music, which is a plus for me.

So in short, if you are looking for an alarm clock which can charge and play music from your ipod, then this isnt a bad piece of kit for the money. If you are looking for ipod speakers, spend a little more and get a sound dock.

We have two-one for iphone & one for Nano 5g.

Both work really well & we're very pleased with them. Great bit of kit especialy for the price.:thumbsup:

Like many others I bought one of these when it was last listed . Great if you like being woken up at level 11 and listening to a low humming noise all night long . Returned to Play a month later

You have been warned !

As cold as a witch's tit

Not quite as good sound quality as those birthday cards that play a tune when you open them.
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