Doctor Strange digital HD copy to own - - £6.99

Doctor Strange digital HD copy to own - - £6.99

Found 24th Feb 2017
£6.99 to own a new release in HD seems like a good deal as rentals are normally £4+.

Edit link should be…gin
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SD is £6.99
HD is £9.99

SD is £6.99HD is £9.99

The correct link is…gin
I've tried changing it on the deal, but it keeps reverting back to the one I posted by mistake hence me editing the text on the original post.

It's worth noting it's the bonus version so you get the extras as well.
I'll give this heat as I have no issues with Wuaki at all and it's easy to watch in HD and you can use it with a Chromecast. Have the blu ray pre-ordered but as with any Disney/Marvel movie that will not come with a Digital Copy so maybe worth buying this in advance so I can watch something later

Side note, it's weird seeing a movie release on a Friday o_O

Is this a genuine link? I think it might be a phishing link. Beware.

That's what you want.
Thanks, OP. Ordered.
Great. Thanks alot.
I came here to post this exact offer but you beat me to it!
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