Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Crash Set - £3.74 - Tesco

Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Crash Set - £3.74 - Tesco

Found 26th Sep 2010
Recreate scenes from the 'Eleventh Hour' with this twin pack that features two incredibly detailed and authentic Eleventh Doctor five inch action figures.

When the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS crashes into the garden of young Amelia Pond, he is still wearing the remains of the Tenth Doctor's suit, ripped and raggedy from the damage after the TARDIS control room exploded. After he departs, Amelia grows up, telling her friends about 'The Raggedy Doctor', making dolls and puppets of him. When he returns to her life after twelve years, he's still wearing the same battered clothes but, shortly before facing down the Atraxi, he selects for himself a new outfit, 'borrowed' from various lockers at the local hospital. Tweed jacket, bow tie and boots in place, the Eleventh Doctor is now ready to face the future.



hope my Tescos has this in stock where i live, very cheap price this well worth it super hot thanks.

nice find if you can find any

Original Poster

nice find if you can find any

There were 4 when I bought mine in the Bradford (Canal Road) store.

bla none where ilive ho hum, but i did manage to buy a classic cyberman figure only one there too, are the cybermen hard to find and buy as i looked in alot shops near and surrounding areas and none around i class them rare lol.
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