Doctor Who 3 figure sets (inc CLASSIC CYBERMEN instore) £10 Tesco

Doctor Who 3 figure sets (inc CLASSIC CYBERMEN instore) £10 Tesco

Found 15th Dec 2009
Tescos have some Doctor Who sets which seem like good value at £10 each. The online store has two variations - one Eccleston, one Tennant - but more interestingly (for me at least), instore, they have a three figure pack of Classic Doctor Who Cybermen. The set has The Cybermen from the 1960's stories The Tenth Planet, Tomb of the Cybermen and Invasion. I'd been toying (NPI) with getting these classic figures but somehow my inner geek couldn't bring myself to part with £7-8 each... but at £10 I caved. These sets had big stickers on saying they had been reduced from £20 which I suspect is a lie.
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The two sets available online...

... and the Cybermen one available instore...

OOPS! I just remembered there was another set with Captain Jack and a Time Lord... again doesn't seem to available online...
excellent! heated xx
super hot thanks
Thought I'd bump this so that it gets a daylight viewing.
Now £7.50 in Glasgow Silverburn.
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