Doctor Who Cyberman Mask - £26.99 or less @ Woolworths

Doctor Who Cyberman Mask - £26.99 or less @ Woolworths

Found 2nd Nov 2006
Doctor Who Cyberman Mask is £26.99 or less @ Woolworths

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Description : You must be upgraded!' Transform yourself and your voice into a Cyberman from Doctor Who. You can speak Cyberman and light up the mouth while you try to reclaim the planet Earth for the Cyber race. Tall, gleaming metal giants from an alternative Earth, the Cybermen were once human, but have developed the technology to develop their bodyparts with robotic replacement. The number one priority for every Cyberman is to conquer all adversaries.

Features : Cyberman voice changer with three modes: Cyber sound FX, Cyberman phrases and voice changer | Suitable for ages 5+

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Good price edi I cant wait until the new series of Dr Who! :-D
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