Doctor Who Dalek 6V Ride on @ John Lewis £44.75

Doctor Who Dalek 6V Ride on @ John Lewis £44.75

Found 24th Dec 2011
The toy all Doctor Who fans have been waiting for - well, apart from an actual Tardis. This inflatable Dalek is powered by a 6V motor that lets kids take control and become the Doctor’s nemesis. Once in the driving seat they can steer it round 360° and up to 3kph - but not upstairs yet. There are 10 sound effects and Dalek phrases to operate, so expect to be “exterminated” regularly. And, for an extra fear factor, the exterior arms can be moved as well.

The ride-on Dalek is made from heavy duty plastic. You’ll need to inflate it first (a pump’s provided), and once it’s up you connect it to the base. Inside the Dalek there’s a seat belt to keep your little Davros safely in.

Press one of the buttons and the Dalek will emit some ominous warnings, including “We are the supreme beings!”, “Obey the Daleks!”, “Seek, locate, annihilate!” and, of course, “Exterminate!”. You’ll need 2x AA batteries (not supplied) for them.

An accelerator powers the machine - to stop it, simply take the foot off - while a wheel steers it around 360°. The soft bumper protects the furniture and anything else that stands in its way. It can be used outside but it’s best to find a flat area - it can’t negotiate steps yet!

The 6V battery takes about 8-10 hours to charge fully, which will give you about an hour’s worth of power. A puncture repair kit’s also provided in case there are any accidents - even a helpline if there are any questions.

Sadly this awesome machine is only suitable for children up to about 6 years of age. As for an adult version, we can dream…
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Fantastic price
Nice one. I have been waiting for this to go a decent price.
I think this started at £180, and then went half price to £90 at a lot more places.
I am very excited.
First 2012 xmas present sorted
Thank you. This will be ready when the neice is now.
Fantastic price. Heat added
Scorching! The original rrp was ridiculous.
Great deal, Merry Christmas!
I was hoping this would go down to £50 as it's my son turns 5 on jan 21st and wanted one, well happy thanks! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Will a 14 stone 5 ft 8 man fit on this? (_;)

Will a 14 stone 5 ft 8 man fit on this? (_;)

On it, yes.
In it, no.
great deal just bought 1 no better deal any where for this item glad i did not get it from argos
Where's the adult sized one? (Seriously lol, I want one)
brill price for this
nice... can't wait to see my nephew's face
Thank you ,,, hot hot hot
do they do a 'davros' version i can sit my gran in, she's a dead-ringer for her!!!
Great price but child has to be small to sit in it.
There were two of them in John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway this afternoon, if anyone wants to brave the car park.
just saw this and was about to post. what awesome deal, everyone should have one X)
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog PLAYPENNIES
I ordered one of these secretly as I knew the wife wouldn't approve. Damn thing was delivered to a neighbour and she got all excited when I went to collect. Her interest quickly turned to anger as she yelled "what the hell did you buy that for?"

After presenting my case (an upcoming birthday for my four year old) she ordered another one!!!! "Well, you can't buy one when you have two sons, they'll argue."

What a New Year this is going to be. Guess I'll be playing the Doctor this time round. Shame the blue one is £200 on the Forbidden Planet website!
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