Doctor Who Dalek Dress Up Costume - £7.49 (was £14.99) @ Argos !!

Doctor Who Dalek Dress Up Costume - £7.49 (was £14.99) @ Argos !!

Found 15th Jun 2008
One piece costume with attached metallic trims and removable tool.

100% polyester.

Hand wash only.

For ages 5 to 6 years.
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Sorry ....i couldn't stop laughing .....! :-D

I think i'd be embarassed to let my kids go anywhere in that ! LOL :-D
First person that posts a pic on TheSaints thread wearing this get a prize!
lmao even the kid looks sad
For ages 5 to 6 years.


....I want one.

Kidding Have some heat - comic value at least!
Looks a bit rude actually.
The look on that kids face says it all, ROFL! :w00t:
Oh my.. LOL.

Oh, this is fantastic! The expression on the kid's face.. haha!!!
is that a whisk on the right side of the costume?
Hey, I wouldn't take the mickey - he might whisk you to death with his left nipple! :whistling:

is that a whisk on the right side of the costume?

Great mind think alike!!!! :oops:
What have they done to that poor kid!? Shocking.
Like it. I could have done with this a month ago. Heat added.
Got to be one of the funniest things I've seen in ages. Voted hot just for the kids face!
I blame his mother.
looks like a gown having a bad day
By "removable tool" I assume they mean the person who would wear it? :-D
:giggle: even my doctor who mad son made me promise to never dress him up in "that" (on a shopping trip just before Christmas)

it looks like a dodgy dress lol
agent:"Hey kid....congrats, you got the gig!"

kid: "yippeeeeeee.....what am I modelling?"

agent: "Unfortunately, a rather bad polyester Dalek costume"

Hope he was well paid!!!! soooo funny, have some heat!!!
Still laughing. :-D
I've reported this thread to Childline, now I know what they mean by "abuse of children on the internet" poor kid.

Dalek 1 to Dalek 2
" I dont fancy yours much!"
Heat added for comedy value alone. :lol:
I've reserved one!!! son will love it...well he is only 3 and loves doctor who...the cyberman costume for this age fits him so hopefully this is small sizing too!!haha!!
ROFL, I creased when I got to the "removable tool" part of the description, heat added for pure comedy value
It is pure genius in it's sheer cr@pness, voted hot but as Mr T says "I pity the fool".
:oops:Lol Worst costume I think I have ever seen.

By "removable tool" I assume they mean the person who would wear it? :-D

Haha, clever. :thumbsup:
You should buy the kid this along with it so he can hide his face:
That's my new desktop background right there :w00t::w00t:

I've reserved one, it could become an ebay classic!
My son also wants that voice changer shown above but I'm waiting for that to be half price too!!hahaha!

just thought I'd add that the costume does look funny but my son is going around with the laundry basket on his head saying he's a dalek so this will be the bizzzz!!!
Man that is so funny!what a concept lol,the homer simpson or the kid hater of toy makers must have thought this one up,thats not a treat for your child more of a humiliation,torture and punishment,'be quiet timmy or your wearing the dalek all day',teach your child discipline outfit thats what they should call it i think it would sell more,lol,voted hot for the cheap laugh.
Or a can of parafin and lit match
lol, the comments crack me up. "He'll whisk you to death with his left nipple" rofl... Pure genius.
This actually looks better than a lot of the monster costumes from the '70s Dr Who's. I think if David Tennant saw this he'd change his name to Dr What the F***K?
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