Doctor Who Dalek Usb Webcam & Microphone (80% off)

Doctor Who Dalek Usb Webcam & Microphone (80% off)

Found 18th Feb 2008
Thought this was really cool. I'm not a Dr Who fan, but I can imagine there is someone out there who is that will like this


ROCK!!! Very nice post. I too am a Dr Who fan.

After shopping around for a good deal on a web cam, I finally bought one of these for my children to use. I did buy it from Amazon at the reduced price a few weeks ago and am really pleased with the quality, etc, of it. It is a very easy web cam to set up (my 9 year old son did it when I was out shopping!) and is definitely worth buying, especially at the reduced price and for the fact that it also has a built-in microphone ... and yes, it does look nice set up on the computer desk (free standing or can be clipped on).

does not work on the new windows vista.
software is quite hard to use
software needs to be installed with new drivers for certain computers
picture and video quality is very very bad
only good thing is it looks like a dalek
not worth buying i think

AAWwww these look so cute, I know 2 people who have these & they & they love them both using xp thow
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