Doctor Who DVD Board Game £5.85 del Prime / £10.60 Non Prime @ Amazon

Doctor Who DVD Board Game £5.85 del Prime / £10.60 Non Prime @ Amazon

Found 9th Apr 2016
Seems to be the cheapest around by quite a margin if you have Prime. Excellent reviews across the net
A Doctor Who DVD board game
Journey thorough space and time with 11 doctors and companions
Contains DVD or Card question and a Time Travel card
A must have for any Doctor who fan
For 2 players up or teams
Experience all the action with clips from the epic Doctor Who TV Series! Journey through space and time with all Eleven doctors and companions and confront the most fearsome monsters. Test your knowledge against your companions and save the Earth from destruction. The first player rolls both dice (numbered die and challenge die), then moves their TARDIS the number of spaces shown on the numbered die. The Challenge die has four options; DVD question, Card question, DVD or Card question and a Time Travel card. If a player answers a question correctly the player rolls the numbered die again and moves the number of spaces shown. Time Travel Cards can be used to make leaps in space and time around the game board. The winner is the first player to land their TARDIS on the Earth in the centre of the game board. For 2 or more players or teams and suitable for ages 8 and up.

Suitable for ages 8 Years +

Box Contains
1 x Game board
1 x 4 TARDIS playing pieces
1 x 1 numbered die
1 x I challenge die
1 x 88 Question cards
1 x 12 Time Travel cards
1 x game rules
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Current price is £7.73 for Prime.
£6.00 in TK Maxx (in-store).
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