Doctor Who: E-Space Trilogy (3 Disc) £7.95 delivered @

Doctor Who: E-Space Trilogy (3 Disc) £7.95 delivered @

Found 26th Sep 2010
This has got to be a bargain...

E-Space brings together three electrifying DOCTOR WHO EPISODES. Includes 'Warrior's Gate', 'Full Circle' and 'State Of Decay'.

Full Circle:

The TARDIS falls through a CVE into E-Space and arrives on the planet Alzarius. There the inhabitants of a crashed Starliner and a group of young rebels called the Outlers, led by a boy named Varsh and including his brother Adric, are being terrorised by a race of Marshmen who emerge from the marshes at a time known as Mistfall.

State Of Decay

The Doctor, Romana, K9 and Adric - an Outler from Alzarius who has stowed away aboard the TARDIS - arrive on a planet where the native villagers live in fear of 'the Wasting' and of three Lords named Zargo, Camilla and Aukon who rule from an imposing Tower. The Lords are soon revealed to be vampire servants of the last of the Great Vampires, a race referred to in Time Lord mythology.

Warrior's Gate:

The TARDIS is hijacked in the vortex by a time sensitive Tharil named Biroc, and brought to a strange white void. Biroc wants to free the others of his race who are being transported in a slave ship, captained by Rorvik, which is also trapped in the void. The only other thing present in the void is an ancient gateway leading to a decrepit banqueting hall.


works out at 2.65 a DVD - bargain

Original Poster

Yep it caught my eye and some decent stories IMHO.

The first two are good. Warrior's Gate was a bit ropey from memory

good stories, great price! 'State of Decay' is a bit of a fave

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Yep I'd tend to agree but Warrior's Gate is actually better than I remember. I thought I got a good price at £13, if only a few more box sets would drop to this price.

Heat added, real gem of a find - thanks

looks like it has expired, comes up as 14.95 now.
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