Doctor Who: Ice Cube Tray - £1.99

Doctor Who: Ice Cube Tray - £1.99

Found 29th Feb 2008Made hot 1st Mar 2008
Freeze your very own Doctor Who characters and serve them in a nice cool beverage.
Only £1.99, Free P&P & Quidco!


Thanks, have ordred two

Whatever next....

Cool! Thanks!

Nice One. Like the Pun Bicestertwinmum !!!!!!

Nice find, ordered one too

I hate dr who
it is such a bad program!
I dont see y any 1 likes it

I cant see how its any worse than most other rubbish on. At least it has a little imagination


I hate dr whoit is such a bad program!I dont see y any 1 likes it

Troll ? Or genuinely illiterate ?

In either case, always a pleasure to disagree with you.

Ordered one, because when I serve friends cold drinks, they are going to get ice daleks / tardises in there drinks, and that is practically the definition of good hosting in my book :-D
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