Doctor Who Laser Screwdriver now £3.24 (was £12.00 - save 75%) @

Doctor Who Laser Screwdriver now £3.24 (was £12.00 - save 75%) @

Found 14th Jul 2008
Just as the Doctor has his trusty Sonic Screwdriver to get him out of any fix, the Master uses the less subtle Laser Screwdriver, a fearsome device that he uses mainly as a weapon.

Suitable for ages 5 years+

Now £3.24 (Was £12.99) Save 75%


been listed before pic is of sonic screw driver and title is mix AND description is of masters screwdriver so i asked boots customer care who couldnt confirm which it was so although gud deal if masters might not be

sad sad sad:x

any 1 wot buys this rubbish needs to get a life:-D or nees to grow up:-D

How do you get round the £2.95 delivery charge?

u have 2 be sad 2 buy this rubbish :x

or get a life :-D
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