Doctor Who =Sarah Janes Alien Communicator £0.99 @ Home Bargains

Doctor Who =Sarah Janes Alien Communicator £0.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 27th Mar 2009
Found this today (sorry not able to link picture) - would make a good stocking filler present:

Some years ago, Sarah Jane Smith explored the universe, solving mysteries, tackling monsters and fighting alien foes accompanying an amazing alien traveller in space and time called the Doctor. Those days may be behind her, but as a journalist with a nose for trouble, Sarah Jane often finds herself on amazing adventures closer to home. Sarah Jane has a lozenge-like communicator that has a range thousands of times more powerful than any mobile phone on Earth ? a gift from a grateful alien traveller who got lost on Earth! This cool gift set comes complete with a replica of the electronic Alien Communicator which includes lights and sound effects! Also includes a UV pen and notepad

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