Doctor Who : The Davros Collection (8 Disc BBC Box Set - 10,000 Numbered Limited Edition) - £49.97
Doctor Who : The Davros Collection (8 Disc BBC Box Set - 10,000 Numbered Limited Edition) - £49.97

Doctor Who : The Davros Collection (8 Disc BBC Box Set - 10,000 Numbered Limited Edition) - £49.97

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A pack that unites five Doctor Who adventures in one collection, The Davros Boxset brings together some classic stories across many generations of the Doctor.
The king of them all, and one of the very best Doctor Who stories of all time, is Genesis of the Daleks, the epic Tom Baker adventure that goes back to the very creation of the Doctors deadliest enemies. It marks Davros first appearance, and is rightly proclaimed a classic of the series.

A further Tom Baker meeting with Davros and the Daleks came in the form of Destiny of the Daleks, and inevitably, this fails to scale the heights of Genesis. Its still fun, although not the strongest meeting of the Doctor and one of his most infamous foes.

The Peter Davison-starring Resurrection of the Daleks falls somewhere between the two, as the dastardly Daleks try and steal the Doctors memory. Its quite an action-packed story, and while the execution occasionally suffers, theres a good yarn at the heart of it all.

Considering the Colin Baker era tends to attract plenty of criticism from Doctor Who fans, Revelation of the Daleks is actually quite a good story, bringing in Alexei Sayle in a supporting role, and it finds a mercernary on a mission to kill Davros. Well paced and breezy, its a fine adventure.

The final story in the pack is also the new beneficiary of a special edition DVD release, and Remembrance of the Daleks is a strong adventure from the Sylvester McCoy era. This time, two factions of Daleks are fighting it out, in a story that takes the Doctor back to the location where his adventures began in the first place.

The set is then rounded out in some style by the inclusion of seven audio stories and a special documentary. And the end result is a terrific package for Doctor Who enthusiasts, that also happens to include one of the finest stories in the series history. --Simon Brew

DVD Description
This fantastic limited edition eight-disc box set includes all the Doctor Who stories involving one of the best remembered villains in the shows history - Davros.

The Doctor Who: Davros Collection contains: all five classic Doctor Who Davros stories, including an exclusive special edition of "Remembrance of the Daleks", all seven Davros audio stories, plus an exclusive brand new audio story "The Davros Mission", and a host of special features including an exclusive documentary.


To be fair it sounds ace, but at just under £50 for 8 disks it can't be a hot deal.:)

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