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Not the best story ever.....

Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma is the last DVD to be released of the Colin Baker years which were from 1984-1986. Colin Baker has his detractors and fans of Doctor Who are strongly divided over the worth of The Twin Dilemma story. Some love it.

Colin Baker is far-and-away the best feature of The Twin Dilemma. His version of The Doctor is a sharp contrast with other regenerations. Colin's multi-colored coat adds a spark to otherwise bleak surroundings and his recitations bring some depth to an otherwise drawn-out plotline. The rest of the acting is top notch as well, with the only exception being the Twins themselves.

Besides the superb talent of Colin Baker as The Doctor, The Twin Dilemma holds wonderful performances by Oliver Smith and Barry Stanton. It is Kevin McNally, though, who takes the cake. McNally's character, Hugo, is one of the most compelling in the series.

The Twin Dilemma has been transferred excellently onto this DVD which has a few extra features:

Commentary with Colin Baker, Kevin McNally, and Nicola Bryant
Interview with Sid Sutton, creator of the title sequences
A look back at the costumes of The Doctor
Breakfast Time interviews with Colin and Nicola


Of all the Doctor Who's, Colin Baker was by far & away the worst so I'm voting ice warrior cold on this. On the other hand, Peri was very, very fanciable!

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I don't have an issue with Colin Baker, it was the material that was written for him that was very poor, with a few exceptions. I got the impression he was one of the Doctor's who really wanted to do something with the role. I rate Baker over McCoy but that's just me.

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Hey the voting is on the deal not the Doctor....
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