Dodonpachi Resurrection Xbox 360 £14.95 @ Zavvi

Dodonpachi Resurrection Xbox 360 £14.95 @ Zavvi

Found 27th Nov 2011
Only released a few weeks ago, was £24.99 in most places
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average rating of 80% worth a gmble i reckon will have to see how much cash i got left tomorow
This is the best (non import) 360 shumup available in the UK
Not many shumup get released in the UK on the 360 a handful on XBLA and two on disc
Soon to be 3 discs with the release of Akai Katana Shin in the new year
Youtube clip
Absolutely fantastic game. I rented it the other week and just had to buy it when I saw it this cheap.

Turned out to be £13.50 for me after using the BIGSPENDER code at checkout and buying a lot of other things to push the value over £100. Excited to be playing it again later in the week.
Do many people play it online I had another game like this on release and not many people played online and when I did find some people they would skip animated scenes and quit near the end, I'm not a bad player far from it.

So glad to see that others also enjoy these and adding heat, thanks
Buying this!!!
No brainier at this price, have some heat
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