Dog Anatomy : Canine Anatomy free Android app (was £4.29)

Dog Anatomy : Canine Anatomy free Android app (was £4.29)

Found 25th Feb 2018
Dog Anatomy provides you information, various diagrams & faqs related to Dog or Canine.This app contains various diagrams of equine which can be helpful for Veterinarian as well as Veterinary Technician.

Anatomy Diagrams of Canine which we have included are :

- Skeletal System of Canine (Dog)
- Musculoskeletal System of Canine
- Canine Digestive System
- Canine Male Reproductive System
- Canine Female Reproductive System
- Canine circulatory system
- Canine Nervous System
- Canine External Anatomy
- Canine Dental Anatomy
- Dog Heart
- Dog Brain
- Dog Lungs

Our app is useful for Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Students & Veterinarian.
If you like our app of Canine Anatomy Diagrams, kindly give us feedback & suggestions.
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Do they do a version in Korean, Chinese etc for those involved in the food industry ?

Joking aside, this looks like a very useful app, even if only part of it is used by biology students for example, better than rummaging around looking for a text book you've lost.
Now... That's the dog's b*****s....
Also recommend reading In Defence of Dogs: Why Dogs Need Our Understanding
by Professor John Bradshaw
Thank you
Thanks...Magic gave a sniff to the phone and licked the screen so I guess he likes it too. Although he has since gone back to snoozing.
PUGSTER19782 h, 57 m ago

Now... That's the dog's b*****s....

No, Korean meatballs- they really ARE the dog's b******s.....
Is this for vets or for those with beastiality tendencies?
For IOS users this might be useful EasyAnatomy: 3D Canine Anatomy by LlamaZOO Interactive…t=8
Not free anymore. :-(
amour3k5 h, 16 m ago

Not free anymore. :-(

Thanks for letting us know - just expired it.
pooool20 h, 9 m ago

Thanks for letting us know - just expired it.

Cool, your welcome. :-)
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