Dog DNA test was £60 now £39.49 @ Pets at home

Dog DNA test was £60 now £39.49 @ Pets at home

Found 12th Aug 2013
Recently bought what I was led to believe was a full husky however I have had a few doubts so was looking about for one of these kits,this one seems pretty decent and is on sale (otherwise I probably wouldn't bother :P)

The Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test is an identification test for mixed breed dogs.

He knows your family...Now get to know his! Every mixed-breed dog has a story, and this DNA Test reveals the story of his ancestry by identifying which of more than 185 different breeds are in his family tree. This do-it-yourself DNA test requires only a cheek swab to collect a small DNA sample. Then just mail the sample to Mars Veterinary in the included pre-paid envelope and receive results within 3 weeks.

Finding out a dogs breed makeup does more than just satisfy curiosity. With knowledge of a dogs breed mix, you can work together with your vet to develop a more targeted care plan for your dog and feel confident you are providing your dog with the best care possible.

A one-time investment for a lifetime of insight.
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I bought a westie pup a few years ago but it kept on growing so i did a dna test on it and it turned out to be polar bear oO
Suppose this is handy for the Dog CSA too. Next doors Springer Spaniel has been insisting for years that my Poodle is the father of their puppies and I've been paying maintenance in Pedigree Chum for ages. I fully intend to take Bauer down to Pets at Home tomorrow and proove once and for all that he isn't the father of these 6 yapping pests. Thanks JUSTANOTHERSTAR. This might save me £45.89 a month.
And honestly for all that now I'm just interested in the drama of whether you've been mis-sold the wrong pup! You will post when you find out?

That sounds sarcastic, I swear it's not.
*grabs popcorn, the comments are brilliant*
and the dna test results show that pooch the poodle is ..................... not a poodle .. this has got jeremy kyle all over it lol
..Without judging the motivation to test your pet £40 for a DNA test seems excellent VFM.
So if you don't have a full husky will you have it put down or leave it in the woods somewhere?
Your results are ....... Heinz 57 varieties
Voted hot as I can't believe these actually exist and the comedy value of the comments!
So if it's not a full husky which end did you get?
Hope my dna doesn't get discovered with this
omg my dog is really a cat. wow if I hadnt id have never have known. no wonder he wouldn't fetch, run, sit, beg and all.he ever wanted to do was sleep. now I know the truth my life with rex will never b the same
My dogs left me, he though i was the dad.....
Be more dog!!!!!!!
This has to be a joke, right? If your dog's sold as a pedigree, you check it's folks are Kennel Club registered. If they aren't, then the breeders are having a laugh selling it at a premium.
Aren't this free on the Jeremy Kyle show?

Be more dog!!!!!!!
Are Tescos making dog burgers now?
Who knew that these existed?! Lol!
I bought one of these last year when Amazon had it as a Lightning Deal. We gained a rescue dog from a breed-specific rescue whose policy was not to hand over any papers relating to pedigree in case you tried to use your dog for breeding. While it wasn't a huge problem for us as we never intended to breed from her, she did behave in a way which was not exactly associated with her breed, and she was certainly stockier than others of her breed. Other dog owners, her training class teacher and our friends thought she was a cross breed. The other breed in question is one which does not have a great reputation, and we really wanted to be in a position to either rule that out or come up with a training plan. Giving her up was not an option.

We bought one of these kits, sent it off and got the results in a few weeks. Results stated that she was indeed a pure breed dog, and four generations of her parentage were also pure breed.

Maybe buying the DNA kit makes me look mad to other people, but in our situation, it was £40 well spent to rule out the great unknown and give us peace of mind.
O.P. you needn't have spent money on this.

Leaving aside the morality of your shameful act you can rest easy knowing that as a human you could not have impregnated a dog no matter how much it seems the pups have a look of you about the eyes.
These are great if you have a rescue dog that is a mixed breed, we found out what our pup is...which was fascinating and useful as we get asked nearly on a daily basis when walking her "what breed is she"?

Just waiting for her to stop growing but being a mix of Akita, German Shepherd, Rottie and Rhodesian Ridgeback, I don't think it's going to be anytime soon!
Hope my dna doesn't get discovered with this
Surely there is no such thing as a pure breed, it would be a wolf
From the results I've encountered, I wouldn't trust these tests, should imagine they only have a limited number of breeds in their database; people I've known who've tried them have had laughable results. Good price, but not convinced by the product.

Worth posting just for the comments received though!
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