Dog Kennel Spike Standard M £49.99, L £59.99 delivered @ Zooplus

Dog Kennel Spike Standard M £49.99, L £59.99 delivered @ Zooplus

Found 15th Nov 2010
These look great bargains for anyone who keeps their dogs outdoors - ideal for the wintery weather.
Dog Kennel with side entrance. Made from light, finished wood with a wide overhang, optimally protects against rain and other adverse weather.

Doghouse Spike Standard with light oiled wood offers everything you would want in a good dog house. It is a solid, sturdy, attractive and well-made dog house for year-round habitation.

Specially coated roof and sealed wood make the Dog Kennel Spike Standard weather and winter proof.


who would keep their dog outside in winter. I'd be phoning the RSPCA.

They're good to give your dog some shade or place to sleep so you can keep them in the garden whilst you're at work in summer.

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As long as your dog has food, clean water and shade the RSPCA wont be interested.

What - keep an animal outdoors!

RSPCA - I am sure they have better things to do. A dog is not a person.

There are people in the world with homes that don't meet the building standard of that kennel.
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