Dog Rain Jackets B&M - £1 or less

Dog Rain Jackets B&M - £1 or less

Found 6th JunMade hot 6th Jun
There was a trolley of dog jacket/rain protect things at my local B&M.

£1 or less. I bought two XL sizes for £1 so presumable all the others are less!

Not sure if local or not.

Bought in Sheffield.

Edit* here's a pic of my dogs in them.

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Got one.

Just need a dog now.

Great deal! Love the picture of your dogs in them!

Got two in Elgin for £1 each. All sizes are £1 and it's nationwide, thanks op

Aww your dogs are beautiful! Have you tried them yet? Do they let water through?

It's dogs photo caption competition time again folks, here's some I made up on the spot, if you take your time you might even make them funny:

"Aww why does he get to have the cream coloured one, I wanted that one"

"Yeah cheers, we both look a right tool, I was well in with that poodle before you made me wear this :("

"Hurray! I can't wait for it to rain again"

"I wouldn't have minded but it didn't even rain"

"Happiness is wearing a rain jacket"

"I said you could have spent a £1 on the lottery, ah well maybe next time"

"He's alright, they forgot to make a hole in mine, gone right down my back legs hasn't it"
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Bargain & the dogs look good! My mutt hates the rain but ain't getting a jacket.. Heat Added

Got one.

Just need a dog now.

Aww, heat for the lovely puppies

Saw they had some for sheep, but only in the Bahrain branch...

...I'll get me coat...

Oh Dear.....

My dog has learned how to use an umbrella


My dog has learned how to use an umbrella

​I'm assuming the dog's holding the other end of the umbrella in his mouth ay and not anywhere else!

As lovely as your dogs look in their new jackets, XL size? Your dogs don't look very big?
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