Dog The Bounty Hunter - The Best Of Series 1, 2, & 3 only £3.95 each @Zavvi.com
Dog The Bounty Hunter - The Best Of Series 1, 2, & 3 only £3.95 each @Zavvi.com

Dog The Bounty Hunter - The Best Of Series 1, 2, & 3 only £3.95 each @Zavvi.com

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With over 6,000 Herculean captures under his belt and counting, Duane "Dog" Chapman is a hard-boiled ex-con turned bounty hunter who plays a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek - and always wins.

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: THE BEST OF SERIES 3 features Dog's personally selected favourite ten episodes from the fast and furious, highly rated third season of the hit real-life A&E series. Follow Dog and his band of rugged crime-busting accomplices - which includes his own flesh and blood - as they scourge the land of bail jumpers, escaped criminals, and vagabond outlaws. As usual, misleading informants, impossible stakeouts, and near-escapes are all in a day's work for the toughest law enforcer on television


Wow incredible price, I have all 3 but I am waiting for them to release a box set with ALL the episodes on it. It's so frustrating only being able to buy the "best of" DVDs as you miss half the episodes!

cracking price, for one of the funniest shows on telly.... i think the only people who take these guys serious are themselves... i mean they get wound up screaming get the bas**rds and i hate this guy.. then catch them and say they love them and to be good and not do it again... total muppets, but funny muppets

i started watching this the other day for a laugh, then ended up watching all 5 episodes they had on in a row.. unexpectedly entertaining...

DOG looks like he caught peter stringfellow and skinned him and wears his skin
funny prog

Love the south park parody.


HOT from me thanks, i have just ordered.:thumbsup:

hahaha... the south park beth is awesome


Love the south park parody.

Well funny fair play :thumbsup:

awesome show - beths boobs transfix me .... they follow you around the room!


Love the south park parody.

yeah thats the best version the big bad dawg - "go with christ Bra"...lol
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