Doggie doo game £5.50 instore @ tesco

Doggie doo game £5.50 instore @ tesco

Found 22nd Mar 2014
Saw this in Tesco Thurrock. If I'm honest its not a game that I would buy but my young boys seem keen!

This is listed at £23 on Argos website so a good deal!

Name of the game is to fee and walk your little dog and if he poops... You scoop!!
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fab price
What a load of s**t

Got this for my son at Christmas and he loves it! Fab price, I paid full
Great price. I couldn't get it any cheaper for my son at Christmas.
Same price in Tesco Coulby Newham too got one to put away for my sons birthday since I refused to buy it for £20 at Christmas
just picked one up now In Sleaford Tesco. £ 5.50. Result! My Daughters been after one since Xmas. £22.99 in argos. Nice find.
This has to be one of the worst games in history! Our doggy is really struggling with a severe bout of constipation! Think he needs an enema poor pooch! I don't know how the poo ends up so hard and difficult to pass through the plastic dog!!
just picked up one from gallows corner. lots left on shelf.
great price but the game simply does not work
great price but the game simply does not work
I had to take ours back to Argos. Reason for return: can't $hite.

Really disappointed.
rubbish game bought this for my daughter and threw it out in the end coz it dont poo
This game is terrible. ours ended up in the bin with 2 weeks max!
My six-year old has wanted this for ages, but we've always held of because of the poor (poo?) reviews regarding the constipation. Might be worth nipping (one off) down to Tesco and grabbing one at this price.
Kids had this at Xmas.Didnt work very well,funny for ten minutes now gathering dust in the toy heaven cupboard.
Awful tat.. will break within 30 minutes of use

we had 3 that all stopped working during a single session before we settled on a refund
Whether or not this game is ****, I thought it was about a deal?? This is still the cheapest you'll find it.... Maybe build ability is the reason why?

As such why not add your comment pos/neg but still offer the heat it deserves for the price?
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